Harvey L. Taylor

Born in Harrisville, Utah, and a graduate from Stanford University in California, Harvey L. Taylor became the 10th president of Gila Junior College in August 1927. He was known as a man "who gets things going".

Harvey L. Taylor believed strongly in communication and brought culture and entertainment to the college and to the residents of the valley. During his presidency, the Red Knolls Pageant was founded and the first hardback yearbook "Oasis", the "Gila Hoot Owl", and the school newspaper were  published.

Due to the harsh times of the Great Depression, the school was faced with probable closure. Through President Taylor’s leadership and ingenuity the school was able to secure the financial resources necessary to remain open.

In 1933 he resigned, but he was remembered for doing everything in his power to help the students and the community, and for his guidance in ensuring the institution’s survival.