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“People go to Eastern to succeed,” exclaims Bryan Allred, a 1993 EAC alumnus who knows exactly what he’s talking about. A Safford native, Bryan started earning money at age seven and was a “straight-A student all the way through.” He admits that his entrepreneurial bent initially led him to view education as “just getting the piece of paper you needed to do business. But several of my EAC classes, particularly business law and accounting, are useful today.” Bryan is a successful software consultant and business owner in Gilbert, Arizona. He recommends Eastern highly, “even to people in the Phoenix area. You get a lot better education…you learn the material better because you focus on learning rather than the bell curve. I could have gone straight to ASU, but it would have been more of a shock being in classes of 300. My first two years cost a lot less, and EAC allowed me to go on my two-year church mission and come back to finish up.” He thinks Eastern’s a great place to find good friends. “It’s a great place to go to school.”

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