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You’ve got to excuse professor David Morris’ exuberance. He’s just moved to a natural scientist’s paradise. And left the stress behind: teaching at three colleges…fifteen hours a week on freeways…the Sierra Nevada at his back, and no time to enjoy it, much less nurture his students. Today, when Morris, a professor of geology and astronomy, isn’t in class, he’s meeting one-on-one with students and inhaling the nature that surrounds him. “How do I describe it? Pastoral, bucolic, serene…I look at the mountains and smile.” As for the academic environment, he declares it “very structured, very safe…yet one that catalyzes people. Our students are pushed, but not beyond their boundaries or what they’re capable of.” And, he adds, the students are nice. “They’re more civilized, more attentive, well-mannered. They come to class ‘bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.’ They’re interested in learning, which makes them interesting.” When the weekend comes, there’s hiking and backpacking, geology and botany, bird watching, hunting, fishing, and stargazing. “This,” Professor Morris says, “is a fun place to be. There are more smilin’ people walking around here than any place I’ve ever been!”

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