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Like other fine arts faculty, she’s travelled everywhere, from New York City to San Francisco and places in between, performing, conducting, and teaching music. But in seeking a permanent home, music professor Rexann Lindsay chose Eastern. “I’ve seen a lot of schools,” she explains. “As an alumna, I knew Eastern was a special place—where students were individuals, not numbers.” For performing arts students, Eastern offers “more comprehensive programs than any other Arizona community college,” and more opportunity. “If a student wants to be in orchestra and drama, the teachers cooperate. At EAC, performance students grow to their full potential—they’re all very large fish in a smaller pond.” She credits the performing arts programs’ success to Eastern’s quest for excellence. “The college has always worked hard to secure the very best professors—people who produce fine performances but who also are charismatic in a way that supports the students. Music and theater should connect every student—not just arts majors—to the larger world,” thinks Professor Lindsay. “We’re here to help students see the world in a different way.”

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