Business Division

Whether you're bound for a university or headed directly into your career, Eastern Arizona College's Business Division has a lot to offer. You will find dedicated faculty members preparing students for a wide range of opportunities in today's exciting and demanding business world.

You have your choice of four university transfer programs, five two-year vocational development degrees and eight certificate programs. You can move from one program to another without losing valuable credit.

In all of our business programs, we emphasize earnestly helping students to grow and gain confidence. Our class sizes are generally small to allow for better communication between the instructor and student. No matter what your skill level, abilities or future goals, you'll find you can enhance them at Eastern.

Some other important advantages of choosing Eastern's Business Division are:

  • Our programs are more affordable than those at traditional trade schools.
  • Eastern provides job assistance with a Job Placement Coordinator dedicated to putting your training to work.
  • Advisory committees keep course offerings current.
  • Students are guaranteed that certain courses will transfer to an Arizona university and/or adequately prepare vocational students for their chosen careers.

We take pride in the many students we teach and train for the competitive job market, and the many successful students who transfer to four-year colleges. Each individual student is important to us. We've seen the difference that EAC's concern makes in the long list of achievements our students have attained in the business world.

We look forward to showing you what Eastern's Business Division can do for you.



The General Business Department provides instruction and training for students who intend to work in business but have not decided on an area of specialization. You will be able to tailor your education to your individual needs. Possible occupations for a student in General Business include banking, retailing and clerical office work.

Two-Year Training for Employment-Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) - Business

Short-Term Training for Employment - Certificate of Proficiency - Bookkeeping


Business Administration

Eastern offers curricula that provide the lower-division years of a four-year program. You can begin preparing for employment in accounting, finance, marketing, management, and other areas of today's business world.

The opportunity to develop specific business skills while completing general education requirements for a business teaching degree is unique to a community college like Eastern.

University Transfer-Associate of Arts Degree (ABus) - Business

University Transfer-Associate of Arts Degree (AA) - Business Education



Graduates of Eastern's Computer Department have become leaders in their fields throughout Arizona and other states. Our alumni include:

  • High school computer center managers
  • Community college computer programmers, analysts and hardware and software specialists.
  • City computer center managers
  • Programmers, analysts and system managers for prominent corporations, small businesses, industrial centers and military organizations
  • Network system managers

Equipment in our Computer Education Lab represents leading hardware that is currently popular:

  • IBM
  • Macintosh
  • Digital Equipment Company
  • A network variety run by students

Leading software that is provided for student use includes:

Adobe Lotus Microsoft
WordPerfect Multimedia Internet
Pascal Ada languages

Subjects range from two-year computer specializations in programming, networking, Internet specialists and computer graphic specialists, to transfer programs in Computer Information Systems and Computer Science.

In the lab, students are free to study and specialize in areas that match their interests while they become technically proficient.

University Transfer-Associate of Arts Degree (ABus) - Computer Information Systems

Two-Year Training for Employment-Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) - Computer Information Specialist

Short-Term Training for Employment - Certificate of Proficiency - Business Programming / Database Support

Short-Term Training for Employment - Certificate of Proficiency - Computer Science

Short-Term Training for Employment - Certificate of Proficiency - Programming

Short-Term Training for Employment - Certificate of Proficiency - Small Computer Networking


Office Technology

Our Office Technology Department offers programs that prepare you for the responsibilities you will assume in a modern office environment. You have an opportunity to develop and refine basic office skills, as well as learn the exciting technological skills needed to compete for the jobs of the future.

For students who transition from a high school tech-prep program to one of our office technology curricula, specialization opportunities are available. One of these opportunities is actual workplace experience in a cooperative education course. Graduates of our programs are trained for entry-level clerical positions to professional administrative assistants.

Office Technology classrooms are equipped with leading computer hardware, including IBM and Macintosh, as well as the most popular software, including Microsoft and WordPerfect. Communication technologies such as Internet and e-mail are available for students' learning use.

Two-Year Training for Employment-Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) - Office Technology

Two-Year Training for Employment-Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) - Tech-Prep Office Technology

Short-Term Training for Employment - Certificate of Proficiency - Office Assistant

Short-Term Training for Employment - Certificate of Proficiency - Word Processing Specialist


Small Business Management

Eastern's Small Business Management can help you move toward an exciting, profitable future. Small Business Management prepares students for business employment as supervisors and managers in small- to medium-sized businesses, or for self-employment.

In the United States, small businesses are creating the greatest growth in employment, the most innovations and the greatest boost to the economy. They offer tremendous opportunity for personal growth and income, especially for those with good training in the knowledge and skills of managing a small business.

Our curricula are designed to prepare you in a specific area, such as accounting, or in all the important aspects of management, including:

  • Supervising employees
  • Dealing with people
  • Knowing how to market your business
  • How to better sell yourself and your business
  • How to understand financial statements and business accounting
  • Dealing with customers and suppliers
  • Government regulation

The Small Business Management Department utilizes advances in technology by offering three computer-oriented courses, including computerized accounting.

We have a lot to offer you. You will gain a solid understanding of all the concepts that will make you an effective business manager and a valuable employee for any business - including your own.

Two-Year Training for Employment-Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) - Small Business Management

Short-Term Training for Employment - Certificate of Proficiency - Small Business Proprietor