Communicative Arts Division

The Communicative Arts Division offers opportunities for studying English, Speech Communication and Languages. You will also find instructors who are committed to each individual's progress. The emphasis is truly on helping every student succeed.

The Writing Lab, central to EAC's English classrooms, has Macintosh computers for word processing and instruction.

The Lab is open days and evenings, and trained tutors provide individual assistance.

Eastern's Communicative Arts Division also offers you the opportunity to showcase your work in the College's arts journal, and to take advantage of travel-study programs where you can learn a language through immersion in a foreign culture.

The faculty are widely-published, have been active in professional associations, and attend regional and national conferences to stay current in their fields. Their dedication helps you gain the skills and knowledge you need to move forward confidently to the upper levels of other colleges and universities.



University Transfer-Associate of Arts Degree (AA) - Elementary Education

University Transfer-Associate of Arts Degree (AA) - Secondary Education



The English Department, one of the largest on campus, provides an array of courses tailored to individual student needs and potentials, with initial placement determined by a carefully designed testing program. Many students who have transferred to universities report that the critical thinking they learned in these classes at Eastern has been particularly valuable to them.

Eastern's English Department offers:

  • Courses in Writing Fundamentals and Reading Improvement for students seeking to upgrade their basic skills.
  • A fully transferable two-semester course in Written Communications for students working towards an Associate of Arts degree and those who are bound for a university.
  • Curricular requirements met through Technical Writing for Associate of Applied Science degree candidates.
  • University-level survey courses in English and American Literature, as well as more advanced Writing About Literature for potential English majors and others.
  • Courses in Creative Writing, providing both fiction and poetry experiences, with the opportunity for individually guided work in either area through Independent Writing.
  • Many English Department students who enjoy creative writing have their first publication appearance in the annual College literary and art magazine, "Voice".
  • Additionally, nationally-acclaimed writers share their knowledge with students in small-group workshops as part of the literary reading series.

University Transfer-Associate of Arts Degree (AA) - English



Businesses and educational institutions everywhere are constantly in search of people who are fluent in several languages. A second language not only opens the door to a variety of career opportunities, it also offers insights into different cultures.

In our Languages Department you'll discover:

  • An emphasis on Spanish and French, with other languages available depending on enrollment.
  • Field trips to Mexico where you will experience immersion in the Spanish language and culture.
  • Individual and small group courses that provide a better opportunity to learn a language through a more concentrated effort.
  • A tutorial program designed to help individuals acquire a second language.

University Transfer-Associate of Arts Degree (AA) - Languages


Speech Communication

As the world continues to develop closer and more complex connections, the ability to communicate well is becoming ever more valuable. The Speech Communication Department assists in the development of skills to meet this important demand.

Whether your goal is to teach or pursue a business career, this department's classes offer training in human communication with focus on the sender and receiver. You'll find:

  • Courses in public speaking and oral interpretation which fulfill general education requirements and transfer to baccalaureate-granting institutions.
  • A Speech and Debate Club which is sponsored by the Speech Communications Department and is open to all students.
  • Informative speakers who provide fascinating insights into current issues, and performers who augment training in speech communication.
  • A survey course, Introduction to Human Communication, that explores the realities of human communication.