Liberal Studies Division

If you're a student entering college who has many areas you wish to explore for your future, Eastern Arizona College offers a two-year liberal arts program with the kind of flexibility and support you'll appreciate.

At Eastern our Counseling Department works with you right from the beginning to help you discover your interests, while at the same time solidly preparing you for your junior and senior years at a university.

You don't have to declare a major your first semester. You can use that time creatively to begin to make decisions about where you're heading. Your faculty advisor will ensure that you receive your required core credits, and help guide you to electives that make learning valuable and exciting.

You may be leaning toward law or science or technology and medicine, but you can still enroll in art and music and creative writing classes, or vice-versa. At Eastern, we believe a student is richer and better prepared for a career and life by having many interests, so we encourage you to explore the possibilities here.

When you do choose a path, our unique Assurance of Satisfaction Agreement guarantees that your transfer courses will be accepted at the three Arizona public universities. If you pursue an occupational degree or certificate, we will see that you gain the necessary skills for employment.

We also make it easy for you to reach out for help.

Evaluations are available to help pinpoint your strongest interests, skills and abilities. An extensive career library provides insight into the jobs and opportunities of tomorrow. Most importantly, your advisor, a faculty member or someone in the Counseling Department is always ready to sit down with you and talk, or listen.

That may be Eastern's biggest advantage for you. It's a college small enough to pay attention to and care about every single student, yet we're large enough to provide one of the finest two-year liberal arts programs in Arizona.

If you're searching for the environment that's right for you - one that offers flexibility, personalized support, an exciting range of choices and strong preparation for employment or further education - come see us.

Eastern is a great place to get a start, and a future.

University Transfer-Associate of Arts Degree (AA) - Liberal Studies