Social Science Division

The Division of Social Sciences at Eastern Arizona College offers you a variety of exciting and challenging opportunities within its five departments. The courses in these departments are designed to prepare many of our students to transfer to four-year colleges and universities.

Other students in our Division are preparing for employment, or are upgrading their skills to make themselves more valuable to their employers.

Within the education process, we're constantly working to enhance students' knowledge and confidence in areas that will be useful to their everyday lives.

The instructors in Eastern's Social Sciences Division are credentialed and highly experienced in their areas of instruction. Equally important is our dedication to students and the genuine care we demonstrate for each student.


Administration of Justice

This program provides students with a solid background to pursue a career within the Justice System in Law enforcement, Judicial, and Corrections. The program combines active learning and exploratory research into the different functions of the justice system.

The Justice system welcomes students interested in business, accounting, drama, psychology, sociology, computers, languages, speech communication, mathematics, wildlife, chemistry, biology, etc.

Students may pursue a two-year occupational degree, or eventually transfer to a university.

The program emphasizes hands-on learning and participatory experience through the Criminal Justice Student Association

  • Attending Judicial sessions
  • Touring corrections facilities
  • Facilitating and providing service towards Community Service events (Victims against Crime Week, Graham County Meth Coalition, Teen Fair, Graham County CASA Program, etc.)
  • Touring and riding with law enforcement agencies in metropolitan areas
  • Investigating mock crime scenes and practicing fingerprinting
  • Touring crime labs

University Transfer-Associate of Arts Degree (AA) - Administration of Justice

Two-Year Training for Employment-Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) - Administration of Justice

Criminal Justice Department & Police Academy



Opportunities for the study of Anthropology at Eastern would be difficult to match at other colleges and universities.

The surrounding Gila Valley is rich in sites of prehistoric cultures of a surprisingly diverse range.

Anthropology department faculty have experience in both cultural anthropology and archaeology, and a strong background in art history.

University Transfer-Associate of Arts Degree (AA) - Anthropology


Early Childhood Development

Short-Term Training for Employment - Certificate of Proficiency - Early Childhood Development Associate



Perhaps no other discipline is more valuable for developing an informed perspective of our country and its government than history. At Eastern, history is taught to prepare you with insights not only as to where our country has been, but also where it is going, following constitutional principles. History is thus valuable for all students as a general education discipline. Specifically, it provides an excellent background discipline for those preparing for law school, and for those who plan to teach and desire to influence good citizenship in their students.

University Transfer-Associate of Arts Degree (AA) - History


Political Science

University Transfer-Associate of Arts Degree (AA) - Political Science



University Transfer-Associate of Arts Degree (AA) - Pre-Law



Not only do the courses in this department prepare you for transfer to a university, they also impart knowledge and experiences important in everyday life.

Concepts taught include learning about and understanding the human nervous system, how we learn, abnormal behavior, and the importance of science as it affects our growth and development.

You also have the opportunity to conduct research and applications in a laboratory setting with human or animal subjects, and to learn concepts useful in business and group settings.

In addition to courses required for students majoring in psychology, courses are offered to satisfy requirements of degrees in Nursing and Administration of Justice.

University Transfer-Associate of Arts Degree (AA) - Psychology



As our nation continues to emphasize the multi-cultural factors that influence our growth, the understanding of those factors becomes increasingly important to each of us as individuals and contributors to our communities.

The courses in the Sociology Department explore these vital issues, as well as prepare you for transfer to the university setting.

Additionally you are introduced to concepts useful in public sector employment with regard to social research, social work, criminology, urban/rural affairs, community planning and organization.

University Transfer-Associate of Arts Degree (AA) - Sociology