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CADD & Drafting Welcome

Thanks for your interest in computer-assisted design and drafting technology at Eastern Arizona College. At EAC, we offer advanced technology with the one-on-one help students need to master these skills. We offer a two-year degree program as well as one- and two-year certificate programs.

We prepare students to design and draw construction projects and manufactured items for a wide range of industries and government agencies. We’d like to help you start your career! Come visit the college, talk with our instructors and find out if design and drafting is for you.

- Doug Griffin, Drafting Faculty

CADD & Drafting Student Experience

Hands-on and Immersive

“Graduates are sure to possess diverse skills that make them employable as drafters who know how to use and customize the latest versions of drafting software. Students benefit from Mr. Griffin’s many years as a housing contractor and Mr. Lauritzen’s background as a manufacturing engineer and experience on the B-2 Bomber project.”

“It prepares me for the workforce in a great educational environment.”

“He is an enthusiastic teacher who knows a lot about the real workforce we are preparing to enter.”

“The instructors are likable and they really know their material.”

CADD & Drafting Salaries and Careers

Drawing on Your Education

Everything we make, from microchips to skyscrapers, begins with a plan. Drafters prepare these technical drawings and plans. Most drafters use Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) systems to prepare drawings, and are referred to as CADD operators.

There are many different types of drafters. Architectural and civil drafting is expected to be the fastest growing specialty.


Average Salaries:

Architectural and
Civil Drafters


Electrical and
Electronics Drafters


Mechanical Drafters


CADD & Drafting Curricula

Computer Aided Design and Drafting Technology (AAS)
This associate of applied science degree program prepares you to succeed as a CADD technician. This degree specializes in three-dimensional design concepts, 3D solids and parametric modeling, residential and commercial architectural design and planning, 3D animation, and cartography (map drawing).
Program Requirements
Suggested Semester Course Plan
Program Learning Outcomes

Computer Aided Design and Drafting Technology - Levels I and II (Certs)
These certificate programs prepare you to become a CADD technician, with skills in manual drafting, 3D solid modeling, and residential architectural design.
Program Requirements
Suggested Semester Course Plan - Lvl I
Program Learning Outcomes - Lvl I
Suggested Semester Course Plan - Lvl II
Program Learning Outcomes - Lvl II
Gainful Employment Disclosure

Take a Good Look Inside

CADD & Drafting - Contact Us

Take the First Steps

Please call or email us to find out more about CAD and Drafting programs at EAC. We’re happy to answer your questions.


Doug Griffin
Drafting Faculty
(928) 428-8437

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