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General Education
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Transfer Partnerships
Out-of-State Transfer
   Admin. of Justice - AA
   Admin. of Justice - AAS
   Admin. of Justice -
      AAS - BAS Track
   Administrative Information
      Services - AAS

   Advertising Design - AAS
   AGEC-A - Cert
   AGEC-B - Cert
   AGEC-S - Cert
   Agribusiness - AA
   Agriculture - AA
   Anthropology - AA
   Art - AA
   Art Education - AA
   Automotive Parts
      Specialist - Cert

   Automotive Service
      Technology - AAS
   Automotive Technician - Cert
   Basic Peace Officer
      Academy - Cert

   Biological Science - AS
   Bookkeeping - Cert
   Business - AAS
   Business Admin. - ABus
   Business Education - AA
   Business Programming/
       Database Support - Cert
   Chemistry - AS
   CNC Machining - Cert
   Computer Assisted Design & 
      Drafting Technology - AAS
   Computer Assisted Design & 
      Drafting Tech. I - Cert
   Computer Assisted Design & 
      Drafting Tech. II - Cert
   Computer Information
      Specialist - AAS
   Computer Information
      Systems - ABus
Computer Systems &
      Applications AAS
   Computer Technology - AAS
      - BAS Track
   Early Childhood Edu. - AAS
   Early Childhood Edu. - Cert
   Early Childhood Dev. -
      Family Child Care - Cert

   Early Childhood Dev. -
      Infant/Toddler - Cert
   Early Childhood Dev. -
      Preschool - Cert
   Education-Elementary - AA
   Education-Secondary - AA  
   Emergency Medical Tech. -
      Basic - Cert

   Emergency Medical Tech. -
      Intermediate - Cert

   Emergency Medical Tech. -
      Paramedic - Cert

   English - AA
   Forestry - AA
   General Studies - AGS
   Geology - AS
   Health & Phys. Ed. - AA
   History - AA
   Home Health Aide - Cert
   Laboratory Assistant - Cert
   Languages - AA
   Law Enforcement Office 
      Assistant - Cert
   Law Enforcement
      Technology - Cert

   Liberal Studies - AA
   Licensed Practical Nurse
      - Cert

   Machine Shop Tech. - AAS
   Machine Technology - Cert
   Mathematics - AA
   Mathematics - AS
   Media Communications
      - Cert

   Medical Assistant - Cert
   Medical Transcription - Cert
   Music - AA
   Nursing - AAS
   Nursing Assistant - Cert
   Office Assistant - Cert
   Paramedicine - AAS
   Patient Care Tech. - Cert
   Physics - AS
   Political Science - AA
      Medicine - AS

   Pre-Engineering - AS
   Pre-Law - AA
   Pre-Medical Science - AS
   Pre-Nursing - AS
   Pre-Optometry - AS
   Pre-Pharmacy - AA
   Pre-Physical Therapy - AA
   Programming - Cert
   Psychology - AA
   Small Business Mgmt - AAS
   Small Business
      Proprietor - Cert

   Small Computer
      Networking - Cert

   Sociology - AA
   Technology Education - AA
   Tech-Prep Administrative
      Information Services - AAS

   Tech-Prep CAD & Drafting
      Tech - AAS

   Theatre and Cinematic
      Arts - AA

   Web Master - Cert
   Wildlife Biology - AS
   Word Processing Specialist -
Course Descriptions
   Administration of Justice
   Administrative Information

   Automotive Technology
   Biological Science
   Building Construction
   Business Administration
   Commercial Drivers License
   Cooperative Education
   Drafting Technology
   Early Childhood Dev.
   Early Childhood Education
   Electronic Technology
   Emergency Medical

   Family and Consumer
   Fire Science
   Health & Physical Education
   Health Care Education
   Industrial Arts
   Machine Shop
   Media Communications
   Office Technology
   Physics & Astronomy
   Political Science
   Sign Language
   Small Business Mgmt
   Speech Communications
   Technical Education
   Theatre & Cinematic Arts
   Accommodation for
      Students with Disabilities
   College Financial Condition
   Disclosure of Graduation

   EEO/Affirmative Action
   Equity in Athletics
   Family Educational Rights &
      Privacy Act
   Notification of Occupational
   Program to Prevent Illicit
      Drugs & Abuse of Alcohol
   Residency & Student Status
   Return of Title IV Federal 
      Student Aid Policy
   Security & Safety
   Sexual Harassment
   Social Security Number Use
   Veterans Information
   Voter Registration Forms

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Eastern Arizona College is a place where you'll make friends easily and feel at home instantly. Small class sizes and highly qualified, committed instructors ensure a quality education. And outside the classroom, opportunities for personal growth and enrichment abound. Whatever direction you take, thereís no better starting point than Eastern.

Easternís ethnically diverse student body represents more than 29 states and territories and 13 foreign countries.


How do I enroll for the first time at EAC?

Becoming a student at EAC is easy! If you've never attended Eastern Arizona College you are admitted by establishing a record at EAC. There are three convenient ways to do this.

  1. You may complete and submit the Admissions Form over the World Wide Web or
  2. Call Operator Assisted Registration during business hours at (928) 428-8270 or 1-800-678-3808 Ext. 8270 and we'll take the information over the phone, or
  3. Complete the Admissions Form which is found in each printed class schedule and:
    • Mail it to: EAC Records and Registration, Thatcher, AZ 85552-0769
    • Fax it to: EAC Records and Registration, (928) 428-8462
    • Bring it to the Records and Registration Office in the College Student Services Building between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday  through Friday.

Contact the Records and Registration Office at (928) 428-8270 or 1-800-678-3808 Ext. 8270 for more information.

The act of enrolling in courses at the College indicates you agree to be subject to all the requirements, policies, and regulations in the College Catalog, Schedule of Classes and Student Handbook, and agree to establish a permanent college academic record. You further acknowledge that in order to be admitted to other colleges or universities you may be required to send this academic record to those institutions. Your enrollment also certifies your understanding that the content of EAC courses is designed for adult students and if you are a younger student you may feel constrained from participating in class discussions due to the maturity and age of other students, in addition to the subject matter being discussed.

If you are a resident of Apache, Greenlee, or Santa Cruz County in Arizona and you plan on enrolling in classes on the Thatcher Campus or at any other Graham County site, you need to complete an Out-of-County Residence Affidavit. The Affidavit form is available from the Records and Registration Office. We will be glad to mail the form to you.

We will be happy to evaluate your credits earned at other colleges or universities. You will need to have an evaluation completed if you:

  • Want to receive credit for prior college work, or
  • Need to show that prerequisites have been met, or
  • Will be participating in intercollegiate athletics at EAC and need to establish eligibility.

Arrange for an official transcript to be sent directly to the EAC Records and Registration Office from every college you have attended.† If the transcript you wish evaluated is from a non-Arizona college or university, please arrange to have course descriptions of the transcript courses also sent to the EAC Records and Registration Office.† Be sure the descriptions are from the catalog for the year the course was taken.


Orientation and Registration Assistance

Eastern Arizona College offers Orientation and Registration Assistance for new students. The Orientation Program is designed to familiarize you with available services, registration procedures, and degree requirements. Orientation can be obtained in several ways:

  1. A complete review of the College catalog, class schedule and student handbook will provide a good orientation to EAC. These publications are available at the Collegeís World Wide Web site. You may also call the Admissions and Scholarships Office at (928) 428-8272 or 1-800-678-3808 Ext. 8272 to request these publications be mailed to you.
  2. A World Wide Web based orientation to Eastern Arizona College can be accomplished by studying the contents of the EAC site at www.eac.edu.† The opportunity to submit questions by e-mail is provided.
  3. Students registering for the first time can expect the following assistance from Counseling Staff.
    • Academic Planning: you will learn how to use the tools necessary for planning your college program.
    • Advising: Counselors and Faculty Advisors will be available to assist you.
    • Registration Assistance: We will assist you with learning how to use our registration systems.
  4. It is highly recommended that all first time, full-time students successfully complete a semester long orientation class, CSL 109, Orientation to Student Success. This class provides the student with instruction in study skills, time management and also provides the opportunity to obtain vital information about Student Life activities, Library Services, Financial Aid, and Academic Planning. Sections are taught by faculty in each of the academic divisions giving the student the opportunity to work closely with someone in the division containing their major. Undecided students will be provided with the opportunity to explore career options. Students should complete this class in the first or second semester of their full-time enrollment.

Call (928) 428-8253 or 1-800-678-3808 Ext. 8253 or send an e-mail to counseling@eac.edu for more information.


Reading, English and Math Placement Testing

Reading, writing, and mathematics skills are essential for success in college. As a community college we offer courses that are appropriate for your skill level and that will enable you to advance to the skill level required by your educational goal. Placement tests provide you with information about your reading, writing and mathematics skills and enable us to advise you about the course or courses most likely to offer you the best opportunity for success.

You may need to take placement testing before you enroll in your first mathematics or English composition courses or those courses with special placement testing requirements indicated in the class schedule. Results of the tests will be provided to you along with recommended placement in specific reading, English and math courses.

You do not need to take placement testing if:

  • You have taken either the ASSET or COMPASS placement tests previously and can provide EAC with scores.
  • You are a transfer student and can provide an official transcript showing a grade of "C" or better in college level English or math.
  • You have taken the ACT or SAT and can provide evidence you have achieved the following minimum scores:




ACT English
  Score of 21

ACT Math
  Score of 21

ACT Reading
  Score of 18

SAT Verbal
  Score of 530

SAT Math
  Score of 520

SAT Verbal
  Score of 530

Check with the Records and Registration Office at (928) 428-8270 or 1-800-678-3808 Ext. 8270 to see if we have your ACT or SAT scores on file.

You may obtain placement testing at EAC in several ways:

You may take placement tests in conjunction with an EAC Preview Day visit. Contact the Admissions and Scholarship Office at (928) 428-8272 or 1-800-678-3808 Ext. 8272 for Preview Day information.

You may take placement tests by appointment during regular business hours on the Thatcher campus.  For more information, contact the Counseling Department at (928) 428-8253 or 1-800-678-3808 Ext. 8253 or send an e-mail to counseling@eac.edu.

Scheduled placement testing is also offered at other EAC locations as follows:

Greenlee County

Morenci High School - EAC Office

Monday, August 17, 2004

4:00 p.m.

Monday, January 10, 2005

4:00 p.m.

A nonrefundable $20 assessment fee will be added to your registration billing the first time you register for an English composition class and an additional $20 assessment fee will be added to your registration billing the first time you register for a mathematics class. The assessment fee is paid by all students as part of the cost of evaluating academic skills upon entry into academic programs and measuring improvement upon completion of academic programs. This evaluation is crucial for assuring the quality of EAC educational programming.


International Students

International students may be admitted to Eastern Arizona College. Notice will be sent to the student indicating either acceptance or denial after the Admissions Office has received all of the following items. Contact the Records and Registration Office to obtain forms and more information. All items need to be received by August 1 for Fall Semester and by December 1 for Spring Semester.

  • Admissions Form
  • $25.00 non-refundable application fee payable in US Dollars, or in the form of an International Reply Coupon issued through a government or postal office overseas
  • Housing Application and deposit (if College housing is desired)
  • Official transcript of high school and college work
  • Completed medical examination
  • TOEFL test scores. The minimum TOEFL paper-based test score we accept is 500 and the minimum TOEFL computer-based test score we accept is 173. For information on the TOEFL, write to Test of English as a Foreign Language, Educational Testing Service, Princeton NJ 08540, USA. You may be admitted without TOEFL scores contingent upon participation in a college language training program designed and approved to meet your individual needs.
  • Letters of recommendation from two persons, preferably officials from the student's former school
  • Certification of Finances
  • Proof of hospitalization insurance

After being admitted to Eastern Arizona College, the International Student is responsible for completing all Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) requirements. Students may not enroll in classes at Eastern Arizona College without the I-20 Certificate of Eligibility form on file in the Records and Registration Office.


What About my Residency?

State Residency:† No person having his/her domicile elsewhere than in the State of Arizona shall be eligible for classification as an in-state student for tuition purposes.† The minimum requirements for residency are:

  1. Continuous physical presence in the state for one year
  2. Financial independence from out-of-state parents
  3. Evidence of intent to establish residency

For more information, refer to the disclosure section of the College Catalog, or contact the Records and Registration Office.

County Residency:† Arizona residents from counties in which there is no established community college district (Apache, Greenlee, and Santa Cruz) may enroll in credit classes at Eastern Arizona College without payment of out-of-county charges, provided the student completes a properly executed Arizona Out-of-County Residence Affidavit at the time of registration.† General Tuition and Fees are still payable.