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      Drafting Technology - AAS
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      Drafting Tech. I - Cert
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      Drafting Tech. II - Cert
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      Specialist - AAS
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      Systems - ABus
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   Education-Secondary - AA  
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      Intermediate - Cert

   Emergency Medical Tech. -
      Paramedic - Cert

   English - AA
   Forestry - AA
   General Studies - AGS
   Geology - AS
   Health & Phys. Ed. - AA
   History - AA
   Home Health Aide - Cert
   Laboratory Assistant - Cert
   Languages - AA
   Law Enforcement Office 
      Assistant - Cert
   Law Enforcement
      Technology - Cert

   Liberal Studies - AA
   Licensed Practical Nurse
      - Cert

   Machine Shop Tech. - AAS
   Machine Technology - Cert
   Mathematics - AA
   Mathematics - AS
   Media Communications
      - Cert

   Medical Assistant - Cert
   Medical Transcription - Cert
   Music - AA
   Nursing - AAS
   Nursing Assistant - Cert
   Office Assistant - Cert
   Paramedicine - AAS
   Patient Care Tech. - Cert
   Physics - AS
   Political Science - AA
      Medicine - AS

   Pre-Engineering - AS
   Pre-Law - AA
   Pre-Medical Science - AS
   Pre-Nursing - AS
   Pre-Optometry - AS
   Pre-Pharmacy - AA
   Pre-Physical Therapy - AA
   Programming - Cert
   Psychology - AA
   Small Business Mgmt - AAS
   Small Business
      Proprietor - Cert

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      Networking - Cert

   Sociology - AA
   Technology Education - AA
   Tech-Prep Administrative
      Information Services - AAS

   Tech-Prep CAD & Drafting
      Tech - AAS

   Theatre and Cinematic
      Arts - AA

   Web Master - Cert
   Wildlife Biology - AS
   Word Processing Specialist -
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   02/04 to 04/04


Tech-Prep Computer Assisted Design and Drafting Technology

Associate of Applied Science Degree


Douglas Griffin
Dee Lauritzen

The Tech-Prep Computer Assisted Design and Drafting program will prepare you to succeed as a CADD technician.  This degree is available to students from Duncan, Safford, and Thatcher high schools if you have satisfactorily completed the competencies in your high school drafting tech-prep program and have satisfactorily completed departmental entrance requirements.  This degree specializes in 3 dimensional design concepts, 3D solids and parametric modeling, residential and commercial architectural design and planning, 3D animation, printed circuit board design, and cartography (map drawing).

If you have not completed your high school’s Tech Prep program, you must take the following EAC courses as curriculum prerequisites:

DRF 108 or
EGR 120

Technical Drafting or

Engineering Drafting

2 credits

DRF 170

Residential Architecture

3 credits

DRF 261

Introduction to AutoCAD

3 credits


Total curriculum prerequisites for those without high school Tech Prep

8 credits


Curriculum Requirements

COE 101

Job Seeking Strategies

2 credits

DRF 150

Dimensioning and Tolerancing

1 credit

DRF 160 or
EGR 124

Descriptive Geometry or
Engineering Graphics

3 credits

DRF 220

Machine Drafting

3 credits

DRF 230

Map Drafting

3 credits

DRF 232

Structural Drafting

2 credits

DRF 271

Advanced AutoCAD

2 to 3 credits

MSP 102

Materials of Industry

3 credits

TEC 260

Technical Report Writing

3 credits

MSP 104 or
MSP 101 and
MSP 110

Machine Shop or
Fundamentals of Machine Shop and

4 credits


Select one of the following courses:

DRF 214

3D Animation

3 credits

DRF 240

Electronics Drafting

3 credits

DRF 262

Commercial Architecture

2 to 3 credits


Select from the following courses to complete a total of 43 curriculum credits:

ART 111


1 to 3 credits

AUT 105

Automotive Electrical Fundamentals

2 credits

AUT 180

Automotive Shop Service Techniques

2 credits

EGR 250

Plane Surveying

3 credits

ELT 101

Fundamentals of Electricity and Electronics

3 credits

IAR 101


2 to 3 credits

IAR 120

Machine Woodworking

2 to 3 credits

MSP 110


2 credits

MSP 260

Pattern Making and Foundry

2 credits


Total Curriculum Requirements

43 credits with a GPA of 2.00 or higher


General Education Requirements


ENG 100 Writing Fundamentals or
ENG 101 Written Communications I

3 credits


CMP 103 Introduction to Computer Based Systems

3 credits


Option #1:

TEC 101 Technical Math I or
MAT 120 Intermediate Algebra and
TEC 102 Technical Math II

8 credits


Option #2:

MAT 154 College Algebra and
MAT 181 Plane Trigonometry

6 credits


Select an additional four credits in a category other than Mathematics from the list of General Education courses if you selected Math option #1.

Select an additional six credits in a category other than Mathematics from the list of General Education courses if you selected Math option #2.

You may not exceed 2 credits in the Health and Physical Education category. 


Total General Education Requirements

18 credits


Courses listed in Curriculum Requirements that qualify for General Education credit (see the General Education section of the catalog) may fulfill both General Education and Curriculum Requirements unless General Education Requirements are specified in the major. Each course taken to satisfy the General Education Requirements of this degree must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.


Elective Requirements

You will need to complete three credits of elective courses to complete the 64 credits required for the Degree.


Recommended Electives

CMP 113

Operating Systems I

3 credits

COE 111

Cooperative Education I (Occupational)

1 to 4 credits

DRF 214

3D Animation

3 credits

DRF 240

Electronics Drafting

3 credits

DRF 262

Commercial Architecture

2 to 3 credits

DRF 263

Survey of CAD Systems

2 to 3 credits

DRF 284

Advanced Animation

3 credits

DRF 299

Independent Study

1 to 3 credits

MAT 181

Plane Trigonometry

3 credits

MSP 270

Advanced Machine Shop

5 credits

PHY 107

Physical Concepts

4 credits


Total Elective Requirements

3 credits


Total Minimum Degree Requirements

64 credits


In addition to completing the required courses listed above, you must meet the following general graduation requirements to obtain this degree:

  • Complete at least 16 degree credits at Eastern Arizona College.
  • Attain a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or higher.
  • Demonstrate a reading competency at the tenth grade level or above by one of the following methods:
    1. EAC COMPASS reading assessment test score of 60 or higher*
    2. EAC ASSET reading assessment test score of 35 or higher*
    3. ACT Assessment Reading score of 14 or higher*
    4. SAT verbal score of 530 or higher*
    5. Completion of ENG 091, Reading Improvement II, with a grade of "C" or better
    6. Grade equivalency score of 10 or higher as demonstrated by the Nelson Denny, TABE, or ABLE tests*

*Your EAC COMPASS reading assessment test score is available on Student Information System terminals or from your advisor. If you took the ASSET test or submitted an ACT, SAT, Nelson Denny, TABE, or ABLE score, a derived EAC Compass score has been placed in your record and is available on Student Information System terminals or from your advisor.

  • File a Graduation Petition at least 60 calendar days prior to the end of the semester in which graduation is anticipated and pay the Graduation Fee of $25.
  • Remove any indebtedness to the College.
  • Complete the Sophomore Qualifying Examination that is administered each semester to students who have petitioned to graduate. The Sophomore Qualifying Examination is used as a measure of EAC's institutional effectiveness, and your score has no effect on your graduation status.