Student Clubs

The following clubs are typically active each year at EAC.

Advance Team – The students with big smiles, purple shirts and a group of people following them around campus are part of the student public relations team for EAC. For information and meeting times, contact Chalene Whitmire, Advisor, at 928-428-8272 or

Band Club – The social "instrument" of the Monster Band program at EAC. For information and meeting times, contact Geoff Despain, Band Director and Advisor, at 928-428-8465 or

Black Student Union –The exciting group on campus designed for African American Culture. They help plan Black History Month and Martin Luther King Celebrations. For information contact Thelma Brandon-Davis, Advisor, at 928-965-9190 or

Cheerleaders – This energetic and spirited group works hard on cheers, dances, and gymnastic moves for the Gila Monster Football and Basketball seasons. Tryouts are held early each semester. For information contact Machael Layton Coach, at 928-965-6502 or

Choir Club – There's a lot of socializing that happens in choir classes but this is the formal social club for choral students. For information and meeting times, contact Dr. Bruce Bishop, Choir Director and Advisor, at 928-428-8464 or

Dance Club – Do you love all types of dance and look for opportunities to perform in venues such as the Renaissance Festival? Then Dance Club might be right for you. Contact Gayla Curtis, Advisor at 428-2194.

Drama Club – The Drama Club is a student organization with a mission to support the major activities of the dynamic Theatre Arts Department, as well as to complete service projects on campus and in our surrounding community in the Gila Valley. Dedicated members also can be inducted into Delta Psi Omega, the international academic fraternity for college students involved in the Dramatic Arts. For information and meeting times, contact Steven Higginbotham, Advisor, at 428-8460 or

Engineering Club – The purpose of the Engineering Club is to provide an opportunity for engineering students to apply classroom knowledge to "real world" activities, and to demonstrate a commitment to the engineering profession. Contact Tom Palmer, Advisor, at 928-428-8226 or

EAC English Literary Club (Beta Zeta) – To promote the appreciation of literature and the English language arts on campus; to help fundraise for the annual SKD national student conference each spring; to participate in a Club Service project each semester. Contact Pete Chidester, Advisor, at 928-428-8461 or or Margaret Simonton, Advisor, at 928-428-8482 or

Gila Force – This club consists of the nearly 200 student athletes that play on eight intercollegiate athletic teams for Eastern Arizona College. For information and meeting times, contact Jim Bagnall, Advisor, at 428-8414 or

International Student Club – Are you an International Student, have you traveled to a foreign country, do you have friends or family in another country, or do you just want to learn more about other parts of the world? If the answer is "Si," "Oui," or any of the other ways to say "Yes" in one of the 2700 spoken languages of the world, then check out International Club. For information and meeting times, contact Tonka Curtis, Advisor, at 928428-8901 or

Intertribal Club – A social club for everyone interested in Native American Culture. Their activities include a Native American Celebration and fry bread sales. For information and meeting times, contact James Pryor, Advisor, at 428-8902 or james

Latter Day Saints Student Association (LDSSA) – Students enrolled in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Institute of Religion are members of LDSSA. A variety of class times are available for convenience. Visit the Institute building at 871 N. College Avenue or call (928) 428-4330 for more information.

Mark Allen Hall – The activity club for the 88 men and 88 women living in Mark Allen Residence Hall. For information and meeting times, contact Marcie Lopeman, Advisor, at 428-8236 or

Media Club – Media Club is open to all Eastern Arizona College students interested in films and the media industry. Our interests cover all media genres from Hollywood feature films, TV sports to documentary programs. Media Club produces the streaming video content for Eastern Arizona College Sports and college events. Contact Glen Cashetta, Advisor, at 928-428-8248 or

National Society of Leadership and Success – Contact Mary Birdsall, Advisor, at 928-428-8219 or

Nellie Lee Hall Club – 50 men live in Nellie Lee Hall and are members of this activity club. For information and meeting times, contact Michael Nagy, Advisor, at 428-8415 or

Newman Club – Catholic students meet at 11 AM each Tuesday at the Newman Center for Mass and a home-cooked meal. The Center is located a half block east of Residence Towers on Fourth Street. For information and meeting times, contact Mike DeLaO, Advisor, at 428-8429 or

Oasis Yearbook – The Oasis is produced by student volunteers under the direction of Ken Raines. For more information please contact Ken Raines at 928-428-8218 or

Orchestra Club – The "official" organization for fun when you're part of the Orchestra. For information and meeting times, contact Franklin Alvarez, Orchestra Director and Advisor, at 928-428-8266 or

Phi Theta Kappa – EAC Lambda Omicron chapter of the international academic honorary for two-year colleges is actively involved in leadership development, service, civic engagement and scholarship activities on campus and within the statewide organization. For information and meeting times contact Kenny Smith, Advisor, at 928-428-8346 or, or Tonka Curtis, Advisor, at 928-428-8901 or

Physics Club – The club supports out-of-classroom projects such as rocket building. For information and meeting times, contact Madhuri Bapat, Instructor and Advisor, at 928-428-8361 or

Polynesian Club – The club celebrates the culture of the islands. They have to opportunity to learn cultural dances and beliefs. This club is an awesome environment for the Polynesian students that are far from their homes. Contact Gina Roebuck, Advisor, at 928-428-8426 or

Residence Towers Club – The 144 men and women of the Towers have an active club that sponsors social activities such as an EAC Survivor contest. For information and meeting times, contact Misty Conrad, Advisor, at 928-428-8606 or

Ribbon Club – The purpose of the Ribbon Club is too bridge the gap between the community and the college. Service is the key to bringing this gap together. The Monster service club assists with Superhero Mayhem, Cancer Awareness fundraisers, Jett’s Friday Night Lights and Pamper Me Ladies Night Out. Contact Patti Wren, Advisor, at 428-8384 or

Rowdy Reptiles – Do you like purple and gold? Do you want to paint your face in those colors to show your support for the Gila Monster athletic teams? Then you're a candidate for membership in the EAC spirit club, the "Rowdy Reptiles!" Contact Patti Wren, Advisor, at 928-428-8384 or

Student Nurses Association – The social and service organization for the Student Nurses of Eastern Arizona College. For information and meeting times, contact Carolyn McCormies, Advisor, at 928-428-8324 or


Info for Clubs


Each ASEAC club has an Executive Council Officer who serves as a contact to help you plan your activities and service projects. If you have questions or can’t attend a Student Council Meeting, please contact your assigned liaison.

ASEAC Club Liaisons



Contact Info

Advance Team

Mallory Webb

Band Club

Jarom Beus

Black Student Union

James Self


Sione Talakai

Choir Club

Whitney Larson

Campus Ministries Int'l

Whitney Larson


Whitney Larson

Dance Club

Whitney Larson

Drama Club

Whitney Larson

English Club

Mallory Webb

Gila Force

Sione Talakai

Health Professionals

Mallory Webb

International Club

Mallory Webb

Intertribal Club

Hayley Mae Hansen

Latter-day Saint Students Assoc.

Mallory Webb

Lee Hall Activities

Sione Talakai

Mark Allen Hall Activities

Sione Talakai

Media Club

Whitney Larson

Newman Catholic Students Assoc.

Sierra Reitmeyer


James Self

Omega Monsters

James Self

Phi Beta Lambda

James Self

Phi Theta Kappa

James Self

Polynesian Club

Sione Talakai

Residence Towers

Sierra Reitmeyer

Ribbon Club

James Self

Rodeo Club

Hayley Mae Hansen

Rowdy Reptiles

Hayley Mae Hansen


Soccer Club

Sierra Reitmeyer

Student Nurses Association

Sierra Reitmeyer


EAC Staff

Dean of Students / ASEAC Co-advisor

Gary Sorensen

428-8354 or

Director of Student Life / ASEAC Co-advisor

Danny Battraw

428-8354 or

Student Activities Facilitator     

Patti Wren

428-8384 or

Facilities Reservations / Asst. to Dean

Marci MacDonald

428-8354 or