Chapter Advisor
Alisa Azbil,
2003-2004 President

Dick Spining    
Chapter Advisor  


That academic excellence among two-year college students may be nurtured, that opportunity may be provided for leadership training, that an intellectual climate be promoted for an interchange of ideas and ideals, and that scholars may be imbued with desire for continuing education, we dedicate ourselves as fellows of Phi Theta Kappa. Among us membership is a privilege earned by qualification, honor, and service. In the conduct of our activities, bold shall be our quest, diligence our staff, and achievement our purpose.
Congratulations on reaching
Five-Star Status for 2003-2004

The Phi Theta Kappa Officers and Members helped to achieve a Five-Star Chapter status for the 2003-2004 school year Congratulations !
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Updated    May 10, 2004
By: Lisa B. Milligan     Public Relations Secretary 2003-2004   Chapter President 2004-2005