Who Comes to Eastern?

CINDY SAVAGE started out at a major university, and freshman year was “fine.” But something was missing. So Cindy went looking for home. And found it at EAC. “We’d lived in Thatcher when I was in 8th grade,” Cindy explained. “I remembered how much fun it was here. So I transferred.” And she’s glad. “At a four-year university, there’s a lot of pressure to know, right then and there, what you're going to major in. EAC has given me time to explore my options and I’ve discovered forensics and child psychology. I want to earn at least a master’s degree--preferably a Ph.D.” Eastern also gave Cindy time to indulge her great love of performing arts. She’s starred in “The Music Man” and “Barefoot in the Park,” sings with the jazz band, and cut a CD featuring her own songs. “The music and drama programs here are great—there’s so much opportunity to perform, and the teachers know how to bring out the best in each student.” Cindy will complete her AA degree at EAC, and transfer. “But Eastern will always be home—it’s where I found my direction.”

Who Else Comes to Eastern?



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