Who Comes to Eastern?

Maybe you’ve seen him on MSNBC. An expert on capital punishment, professor STEVE JOHNSON has been given his allotted “15 minutes of fame.” But that’s not what makes him tick. “My passion is dream-making. When students come to me for advisement, I don’t just sit down with them to figure out their schedules. We talk about their dreams, their careers…their lives. And help them figure out how to get there.” That’s the way it’s always been at Eastern, says Steve, an administration of justice professor. “Teachers here care about our students—we feel as if they’re family.” He believes the support the faculty give creates a foundation that helps people go into the workplace or transfer to the university and not get lost. “I don’t just want my students to be good law enforcement officials,” he adds. “I want them to be people who ask ‘what can I give back?’—no matter what job they have.” That’s one reason Professor Johnson never has lunch alone. “My door’s open every day. Tuesday afternoons we have open study sessions in my office. This isn’t ‘cattle-processing’ education. We’re transmitting values here, too.”

Who Else Comes to Eastern?



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