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WebStudy Course Development (EDU298Q)
Approval to develop an online class requires faculty to successfully complete this 8-hour EDU298Q workshop taught by the CTL. Classes are continually being offered in both open entry/open exit format and F2F. Check the CTL calendar for upcoming classes. EDU298Q requires registration and is ½ credit that can be used for salary advancement.
Teaching in the Community College (EDU252)
All new faculty at EAC are required to successfully complete this semester length course that meets for one hour per week while also utilizing WebStudy. It is designed to help instructors learn their administrative duties, help them become familiar with proper protocol, provide learn classroom management techniques and teaching methods that help them become more effective teachers. All full-time and adjunct faculty are encouraged to attend.
Teaching & Learning Practices
Training designed to help faculty who are interested in being more effective teachers. The workshop offers strategies for instructional methods and techniques in Instructional Design, Course Planning, Lesson Delivery, Student Testing and Grading, and Course Revision and Evaluation.
WebStudy as a Supplemental Tool for F2F Classes
This two hour workshop has been created specifically for faculty and staff who desire to incorporate basic WebStudy tools into their face-to-face or supplemental classes.
"Clickers" – Getting Started
In-class student response systems for lectures or quizzes has never been so fun & easy. This workshop gets you up & running quickly with basic clicker knowledge that can be used immediately in your classroom! A knowledge of creating simple PowerPoint slides is necessary.
"Clickers" - with Attitude
This workshop gets you up & running quickly with using advanced clicker features such as demographic slides, comparisons, obtaining detailed reports, team competitions, pictures as answers and creating interactive paper tests with TestingPoint. Attendance at the basic clicker workshop is a prerequisite, or CTL approval.
WebStudy Online Class Management Tips
Have you developed an online class or been assigned to teach one? Now what?! No worries...in this workshop we explore effective ways of managing your online class and freeing up some of your valuable time in the process.
Creating or Teaching a Hybrid/Supplemental Class
There is much more to creating or teaching a Hybrid/Supplemental class than just using a current online shell and meeting less hours with your students. In this workshop we explore ways of engaging your students both in and out of the classroom while having less… but way more effective F2F time with them.
Cool and Useful Web 2.0 Tools
The list of Web 2.0 tools that are now available for free in the classroom could go on and on! The key is to decide what your classroom goal is first - and then utilize the correct instructional technology to accomplish it. Prepare for an "out of the box" opportunity as you learn about tools used to enhance, engage, and enrich the learning experience.
Google Docs
Our new MONSTER email addresses give students access to Google Docs which is a document sharing tool. Students can collaborate on projects and documents using a familiar word processing tool in Google Docs. No more sharing ideas and providing feedback via email. This workshop will introduce you to the cool applications of Google. We will also explore the instructional possibilities of using Google Docs in your classes.
Google Tools with Attitude
Many Google tools are available for instructors to use with their classes for productivity and collaboration. We will explore many of the most common Google tools being used by instructors and students (in addition to Google Docs from a separate workshop). These tools will include Google Calendar, YouTube, Forms, Picasa, Blogger, Chats, Scholar, Images and Searches. Each workshop will feature one or more of these great tools and be listed on the training calendar event details.
Dropbox is one of the best online storage apps around. It combines online file storage, folder syncing, and “roll back” versioning control in one simple to use application. No more worrying about crashes, losing your flash drive, or standing in front of your class without access to your important files.
Flip Video Cameras
One of the neatest things to come along in quite some time are the new Flip video cameras. They are inexpensive, pocket size and very easy to use for recording student projects and conducting assessments. Drop the videos in to your PowerPoint slides or quickly upload them to YouTube or other video social sites for free.
Computers for the Timid
Do you feel computer "challenged" and at times want to take a baseball bat to your desktop? Would you like to feel more comfortable with common tasks, navigation, basic programs and correcting common problems? Then this class is for you!
Microsoft Word for the Timid
This workshop will help you master the fundamental skills involved in word processing. No matter what word processing program you use, there are certain skills that are used in all versions. These skills give you the basics for arranging a text document to be as attractive and organized as possible.
PowerPoint for the Timid
This workshop provides an overview of how to use many of the basic features of Microsoft Powerpoint. Step-by-step instructions will be provided for: creating presentations; adding new slides; using spell check; saving a presentation and printing a presentation.
PowerPoint with More Attitude
This workshop provides an overview of how to many of the more advanced features of Microsoft PowerPoint. Step-by-step instructions will be provided for: previewing a presentation; inserting clip art; moving and resizing objects; using graphic images from the Internet; moving, copying, and deleting slides; adding transitions; adding animations; applying a template; adding music and narrating your slides.
Digital Imaging for the Timid
Do you want to learn the basics of using a digital camera and then using those great photos to enhance your classroom content? This workshop is for you. We will cover using your camera, downloading your images to the computer, performing some basic editing, and then learn common ways of sharing your images.
Lunch 'n Discuss
Because of our busy schedules we miss out on enjoying collegiality moments and learning what others are doing. Among other things... this program consists of faculty to faculty lunches and new faculty to new faculty lunches for discussing a multitude of subjects. Meet fellow faculty, staff, administrators, and civic leaders in an informal environment.
Learn EAC’s official grading program that is both simple and powerful. Easily input your grades and allow Micrograde to manage all of your grade calculations. With the click of a button your students will receive their individual, yet detailed, grade summary reports via their MONSTER email account. You can even keep attendance with it.
Turnitin Originality Checking
EAC has a site license for this powerful program. Originality Checking allows educators to check students' work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by comparing it against continuously updated databases. All faculty, both full-time and adjunct, who have their students submit papers are encouraged to take a look at how Turnitin can help toward achieving our institution's goal of total academic integrity.
Camtasia and SnagIt
Camtasia Studio is a fantastic screen capture video recording program that allows you to record parts or all of your screen. You can narrate during a "live capture" or add narration later when editing the capure. Additionally, images and webcam recordings can easily be added. SnagIt is a screen shot program that has great versatility and replaces the traditional "print screen" command. The SnagIt editor can be used to make simple changes to a screen shot, including adding arrows, blurring sections, cropping and hyperlinks.
Learn how to communicate more easily and effectively with your students (especially online students) using the free Skype application. Make free video and voice calls, send instant messages and share files with your students via Skype. You can also use Skype to call land lines and cell phones for approx. $3 p/moth.
Take a Monthly Vacation
For FREE! (And you know how Steve love’s sharing FREE ideas with faculty). One of the best ways to learn new instructional technology is to practice using it. What better way to do so than to share those great vacation memories, photos and videos with your fellow faculty and staff? On the first Friday of each month we will be having someone share their vacation experience with us along with providing money saving travel tips and things to definitely do if you go. Email Steve to volunteer and discuss available dates for YOUR vacation!