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Financial Aid
Registering for Classes
Transcripts, Grades and Transfers
Tuition, Fees and Refunds


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What is the step-by-step process for being admitted to EAC?


Who is my adviser?

Can I get an instructor's phone number?

I'm a student with a disability. How do I get help and what services are available?

I have no idea what my career goal should be. Can you help me decide?

Financial Aid

FAQs in Financial Aid site


Who do I contact about Housing and Meals?

When do the residence halls open in the fall?

What is the cost of a residence hall room and meal plan?

Can students leave belongings in the room during break periods?

How do I find out about on campus health issues?

Must residents be in the halls at certain hours?

What type of Police or security force does the College have?

How do I change my meal plan?

What is the best or most popular meal plan?

Registering for Classes

How do I first enroll at Eastern Arizona College?

What are the dates for registration, fee payment, first day of class, school holidays etc?

How do I register for classes?

When does registration start for next semester?

How do I drop or add a class?

How can I take more than 18 credits?

How do I take a pre-requisite class concurrently?

How do I get into a class that is already full?

How do I process a general petition to Waive Catalog or Policy Requirements?

How do I petition for graduation?

What is a CLEP test?

Can I use the gym and wellness center or do I have to sign up?

What does it mean to finalize?

Can I call on the phone and finalize?

I registered for a class a few days ago but someone told me I was "dropped" from that class. Why was I dropped?

Transcripts, Grades and Transfers

Why didn't I get a report card and how do I get my grades?

Why do I get a W for dropping a class and what does it mean?

How do I get a transcript sent to another school?

How can I receive credit at Eastern Arizona College for courses I took at another college?

Have my transcripts from another college arrived yet and have they been evaluated?

Can I make arrangements with the instructor for an incomplete grade and finish the coursework after the semester has ended?

I want to transfer to another school. What do I need to do?

I am transferring from another college/university. Do I need to take placement testing?

How can I tell if a course from Eastern Arizona College will transfer to ASU, NAU or U of A?

I keep hearing about the AGEC. What is it?

Where can I get help transferring to another college or university?

I plan to take summer courses back home and want to transfer the credit here. How do I do that?

Tuition, Fees and Refunds

What are the tuition and fees at Eastern Arizona College?

What are the dates for registration, fee payment, first day of class, school holidays etc?

When I drop a class will I get money back?

When must I pay tuition?

How can I qualify for in state tuition status?