Free Expression at EAC

The Graham County Community College District Governing Board and the College strive to ensure the fullest degree of intellectual freedom and free expression. Eastern Arizona College does not shield individuals from speech protected by the First Amendment, including ideas and opinions that may be unwelcome, disagreeable or deeply offensive. Students, staff and faculty members may discuss any topic, as the First Amendment allows and within the limits of reasonable content- and viewpoint-neutral restrictions on time, place and manner of expression that are consistent with applicable law.


EAC Committee on Free Expression


  • Oversee compliance with GCCCD policies and ARS 15-1868.

  • Review grievances relative to free expression.

  • Oversee annual report on free expression to the Governor, the speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate, and the Secretary of State.

  • Oversee inclusion of regulations and rules regarding free expression in Student Orientation Programs, the Student Handbook, and EAC’s website.

  • Remain in effect until 2026



Once a semester or as needed



  • Special Assistant to the President-Community & Govt. Relations (Co-Chair) - Keith Alexander

  • Dean of Students (Co-Chair) - Dr. Gary Sorensen

  • Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs - Dr. Susan Wood

  • Director of Student Life - Danny Battraw

  • Residence Hall Administrator – Candee Skousen

  • Campus Police - Surcie Clonts

  • Administration of Justice Associate Professor - Kris Matthews

  • Director of Library Services - Tammy Powers

  • Project Coordinator, Marketing and Public Relations - Leitha Griffin


EAC Committee on Free Expression Annual Report