Dean A. Curtis

Born, raised and educated in Thatcher, Dean A. Curtis graduated from Stanford University in California. He became the 18th president of Eastern Arizona Junior College on July 1, 1965.

Dean Curtis came to the college at the beginning of a new age, the computer era, and he was just the man to lead the college through this transformation. During his presidency the college grew in nearly every way imaginable.

Accomplishments include: the Vocational Technical Building (now known as the ITE – Industrial Technical Education), the Fine Arts Center, the handball courts, the swimming pool, the Learning Resource Center, the campus-connecting mall, the alumni organization and the nursing program along with the business management program.

Enrollment grew from less than 800 to 5,000 students spread over the college system, and during his presidency the school’s governing board voted to give the school its current name: Eastern Arizona College.

In 1976 Dr. Dean Curtis resigned, leaving Eastern Arizona College in excellent condition for a new leader.