Housing at EAC

Where you live can greatly affect your academic and social life.

Financial and/or personal stress brought on by problems with your living arrangements can undermine your coursework and extra curricular activities. Careful thought and planning should be put into your selection. Housing is at a premium both on- and off-campus, so make your arrangements early! However, if you are trying to find housing in July or August, be sure to call the Student Life/Housing Office at 1-800-678-3808 Ext. 8605 or (928) 428-8605. We may know of a space which has become available on campus or in the community.

Is On- or Off-Campus Living Best for You?

Campus Living Advantages

Campus Living Options & Current Costs

Making Your Residence Hall Reservation

Get Packin' - What to Bring

Residence Hall Application & License Agreement

Off-Campus Options

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If you have questions about
housing and/or meal plans,
contact the Student Life
Office at 1-800-678-3808
Ext. 8605 or (928) 428-8605 or