Lost and Found

Quite a few lost items are turned in to the Student Life Office. Below you'll find a list of items for which we haven't identified the owner. If you think one of these items is yours or if you have found and item and can't locate the owner, please contact the Student Life Office at 428-8354 or 1-800-678-3808 ext. 8354.


Found Item Location
8/1/2018   Childs Wrist Phone   Activities Center Grass Area
9/1/2018   Book - The Norton Reader    Library
12/10/2018   The Blair Reader   Library
8/1/2019   The Casual Vacancy   Library
8/1/2019   The Lost Girls of Paris   Library
1/15/2020   Linear Algebra with Applications   ?
1/15/2020   Discreet Mathmatics   ?




Found Item Location
1/14/2020   Keys with Bettie Boop key chain   ?
9/9/2022   Lanyard with keys   Nursing building



Other Items

Found Item Location
1/15/2020   Old slide phone   ?
11/16/2020   Phone   ?
11/20/2020   Skate Board   Mark Allen Dorm
1/26/2022   Black & Gray Backpack with clothes   Fine Arts Auditorium
1/27/2022   Womans Coat   Cafeteria
2/1/2022   Blue Blanket   Library
2/1/2022   Cross necklace   ?
3/1/2022   two jump drives   AP building