Lost and Found

Quite a few lost items are turned in to the Student Life Office. Below you'll find a list of items for which we haven't identified the owner. If you think one of these items is yours or if you have found and item and can't locate the owner, please contact the Student Life Office at 428-8354 or 1-800-678-3808 ext. 8354.


Found Item Location
1/17/2017   Nutrition Text Book   Library
1/15/2018   black beats head phones w/charger   ?
1/17/2018   aqua blue sketch book oil & acrylic   Library
1/31/2018   LDS Bible/Book of Mormon   Library
2/14/2018   black single subject notebook   Library



Found Item Location
10/12/2016   Ladies sunglasses   library




Found Item Location
1/31/2017   ladies ring   South campus ladies room
1/24/2018   Men's Skull Ring   Library Men's Restroom


Other Items

Found Item Location
9/29/2016   eyeglass cleaner   Library
10/3/2016   Black hoodie "Stussy Tribe"   Activities Center
10/10/2016   black phone charger   library
10/27/2016   black visor   library
10/27/2016   NASA Bookmarks   Library
1/30/2017   I-phone  
1/30/2017   Ladies black sweatter   Library
2/23/2017   water bottle   Library study room
4/22/2017   Olive green cardigan sweatter   amphitheater
5/2/2017   green mug   Lee Little Theater
5/2/2017   Jean jacket   Lee Little Theater
5/2/2017   purple zip-up sweatshirt hoodie   Lee Little Theater
10/2/2017   black charging cord - laptop   Library study room
1/8/2018   grey plaid jacket   Library
1/15/2018   black head phones, silver skulls   ?
1/20/2018   black head phones, silver duct tape   Outside the AP building
2/5/2018   Green panda tote bag   Library
2/12/2018   Multi colored mini binder clips   Library study room
2/14/2018   blue umbrella   Library