ASEAC-Sponsored Clubs on Campus

Student clubs partially-funded by ASEAC meet the following criteria:

  • Have a constitution
  • Hold regular meetings
  • Have elected officers
  • Prepare financial reports
  • Prepare agendas and minutes for all meetings
  • Send a representative to Student Council each week
  • Participate in football and basketball homecoming
  • Do a service project each semester
To Start an ASEAC Club

If there is a group of at least 10 students interested in forming an ASEAC-recognized and supported club, you can get more information by doing one of the following:

  • Ask for Club Start-Up Info in the Student Life Office or the Game Room
  • Attend a Student Council Meeting at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesdays
  • Contact the ASEAC Executive Assistant

See "Clubs on Campus" for more information about the responsibilities of an ASEAC-recognized and supported club.

Club Name Liaison Email Phone
A-team Chalene Preston (928) 428-8272
Band Club Geoff Despain (928) 428-8465
Black Student Union Allen Wilbon (928) 428-8235
Cheerleaders Machael Layton 928-965-6502
Choir Club Gideon Burrows 928-428-8464
CMI @ EAC Nan Pennington 928-428-8350
Cosmetology Nichole Lucas 928-348-8878
Drama Club Dale Young 928-428-8460
English Club Pete Chidester 928-428-8461
Gila Force Jim Bagnall 928-428-8414
Health Professionals Craig Hackett 928-965-8187
International Club Tonka Curtis 928-428-8901
Intertribal Club James Pryor 928-428-8902
Lee Hall Activities Michael Nagy 928-428-8415
LDSSA Mark Beus 928-428-4330
Mark Allen Hall Allen Wilbon 928-428-8235
Media Club Glen Cashetta 928-428-8248
Monster E-Gaming
Newman Club Mike DeLaO 928-428-8429
Non-Partisan Keith Alexander 928-428-8279
Omega Monster Keith Alexander 928-428-8279
A-team Chris Gibbs (928) 428-8272
Orchestra Club Franklin Alvarez 928-428-8266
PBL Dana Barnett 928-428-8422
Polynesian Club Gina Roebuck 928-428-8426
PTK Aaron Westerfield 928-428-8342
Tonka Curtis 928-428-8901
Residence Towers Candee Skousen 928-428-8606
Ribbon Club Patti Wren 928-428-8384
Rodeo Club Tammy Campbell 928-428-8423
Rowdy Reptiles Machael Layton 928-428-8384
STEM Karen Preston 928-428-8226
STYLES Dance Club Dale Young 928-428-8460
Softball Club Kate McCluskey 928-428-8411
Soccer Club Duane Despain 928-428-8365
Student Nurses Pam Palka 928-428-8340
Carolyn McCormies 928-428-8324
Young Farmers & Ranchers Paul Anger 928-428-8334