Receiving an Encrypted Email from EAC

Eastern Arizona College makes every effort to protect confidential information and to be in compliance with all federal privacy regulations. External email communication that may contain personally identifiable information or confidential data can be sent encrypted. External email communication includes emails that are sent by EAC employees to any non-EAC email address. Personally identifiable information includes student information which contains the student's name, SSN, address, grades, etc.

Here are the steps for retrieving an encrypted email sent by an EAC employee:

  1. In an encrypted email you receive from an EAC employee you will see something like the following. Click the Click Here link or copy and paste the long URL into a web browser.
    Encrypted Email Example

  2. The first time you receive an encrypted message from EAC, you will be prompted to create a password. For future encrypted emails sent to the same email address you will be prompted to log in with the same password.
    Encrypted Email Login

  3. Enter a strong password in the New Password field and re-type it in the second field. Password must include one special character and be at least 8 characters long.

  4. After registering, your encrypted email inbox will appear.
    Encrypted Email Interface

  5. Double click the email to view it. You will be able to read, reply to, save or delete emails within this interface

  6. When you're finished with your email(s), be sure to log out by clicking the Log Off link in the upper right corner of the window.