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What is the Placement Test?

All degree-seeking students must take the placement test prior to enrolling in courses at Eastern Arizona College.  Non degree-seeking must take the placement test if enrolling in courses that require Math or English placement. The placement test covers reading, writing, mathematics, spelling, and vocabulary. This test is NOT used to determine admission to EAC and you cannot "fail" the test.  Rather, the results are used during the educational planning process to assist students in selecting appropriate level courses in which they will be successful. The COMPASS placement assessment can be taken at no charge for students who are enrolling at Eastern Arizona College.  EAC uses the COMPASS (Computerized Adaptive Placement Assessment & Support System) test from the American College Testing for placement.

The COMPASS assessments are a series of un-timed adaptive tests in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics.  These tests are used as a means to gather information regarding the background, educational needs, and course placement of students.  If a student has taken COMPASS in the past, they may not have to retake the assessment.


Do I Need to Take the Placement Test if I Already have ACT or SAT Scores?

Although EAC does not require the ACT test for admission, the scores may be used in lieu of the COMPASS placement test.  Depending on the scores received, students who have taken the ACT test may not need to take COMPASS (or certain sections of COMPASS).  Students must send their official ACT scores to the Counseling Office.  See the minimum scores required below:


ACT and SAT Assessment




Course Placement





ENG 101




ENG 101/110




ENG 100/099




ENG 055/054





Meets General Education Requirement




ENG 091




ENG 090





MAT 220




MAT 210




MAT 181




MAT 160, MAT 171




MAT 154, MAT 187




MAT 120, MAT 140




MAT 077




MAT 055


Are there any other exceptions?

Students MAY be exempt from the placement assessments if:

  • The student completes assessment testing at another institution and submits those scores to EAC (we accept ACT COMPASS, Accuplacer and ACT Asset placement test scores).

  • The transfer student presents official transcripts from a regionally accredited college or university to show completed coursework in a corresponding subject with a grade of "C" or better.

  • Students who want to register for MAT 055, Basic Math, can choose to waive placement testing. See the Counseling Department staff for more information.


Taking the Placement Tests

It is always best to make an appointment for placement tests to ensure a testing spot will be available for you. We test Monday through Friday at 9am and 1pm or by appointment. The tests are administered via computer and are not timed. However, so that you won't feel rushed or pressured, you should allow yourself approximately two hours for testing.

Before you take the placement test, you must be admitted to Eastern Arizona College before you can take the placement test. Contact the Records office at (928) 428-8270 or apply online here. You will be assigned an EAC Student ID number at this time.

Please arrive at the Counseling office ten minutes before testing to get checked in. You will need to have a photo ID and know or have your EAC student ID number.

Your test results are printed and distributed to you immediately after you've completed your tests. You can then meet with a counselor or an advisor to help you develop your course plan. If you would like to meet with a counselor, make sure to let the scheduler know when you set your testing appointment and plan an additional hour to complete your initial advising session. You can make an appointment for placement testing and to see a counselor by calling (928) 428-8253 or (800) 678-3808 ext 8253.


Review Before you Test and Re-testing

If a student wants to optimize their chance for doing well on the placement test, they are encouraged to review before they take the test. There is a book on reserve at the EAC Alumni Library called Chart Your Success on COMPASS by Callahan, Commander and Cotter. It is available for you to read at the library and provides a detailed review of the topics covered in the ACT COMPASS placement test.

Additional review question can be found online at:

A re-test may be taken after 24 hours. Subsequent re-tests are allowed after 30 days. If a student re-takes a placement test, the higher score will be kept in the EAC online record system [per Graham County Community College District Policies, Bylaws, Regulation Section 6400.07].


Remote Testing

The EAC COMPASS Placement tests can be taken remotely through the ACT network of centers. (Remote testing centers may charge an additional fee to test. This fee is the responsibility of the student).

To access this network, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and find a site nearest you.

  2. Contact Jerri Lukens, Eastern Arizona College Evaluation Technician at (928) 428-8491 to register to test at your chosen testing site.

  3. After registering you will receive an email with your registration number and the information to contact the testing site.

  4. Make an appointment with remote site and test.

EAC will be automatically notified when your testing is complete.

You are encouraged to contact the Counseling department and speak with a counselor regarding your scores and creating a class schedule. Call (928)428-8253 or (800) 678-3808 ext 8253.