2NAU at EAC - A Joint-admission Program



Northern Arizona University (NAU) and Eastern Arizona College (EAC) are working together to provide you with an affordable and convenient pathway towards earning your bachelor's degree.

2NAU is a joint-admission program. You are first admitted to NAU as a non-degree seeking student while you attend classes at EAC until you are ready to claim your degree program and take classes towards your bachelor's degree at NAU. Features of the 2NAU joint-admission program include:

  • Access to on-site Transition Coordinators who connect you with NAU resources

  • Information about how your associate degree at EAC can lead to an NAU degree locally, online or in Flagstaff

  • Acceptance of transfer credits completed at EAC, significantly reducing the cost of your bachelor's degree


Program Requirements:

  • Must be admitted to Eastern Arizona College

  • Completed one or two semesters at Eastern Arizona College



As a 2NAU student at EAC, you will have access to many resources at NAU including:

  • Your NAU admissions application fee is waived

  • An NAU email address

  • An NAU ID card

  • A monthly subscription to the 2NAU newsletter The Turning Point

  • Access to student discounts and athletic events in Flagstaff

  • Merit based scholarship for students who qualify


More Information

For additional information about the 2NAU joint-admission program, visit:

2NAU Program: Community College to NAU | Admission