EAC | Title IX

Pre-Hearing Checklist

  1. Have you received all pertinent documentary evidence, including the final investigative report?
  2. If you elect to do so, have you met with the Title IX Coordinator to review the procedures for the hearing?
  3. Do you have an Advisor to accompany you at the hearing? Your Advisor will conduct the cross-examination of the other party and witnesses.
  4. Have all of the witnesses you plan on having participate in the hearing been interviewed as part of the investigative process? If not, they cannot participate in the hearing.
  5. Has all of the evidence you want to present at the hearing already been reviewed by the investigators and the other party? If not, you cannot present this evidence at the hearing.
  6. Have you provided your comments on the final investigation report at least ten (10) days before the hearing? If you have not, you cannot provide comments.
  7. Do you know the date, time, and location of the hearing?
  8. Thoroughness and fairness are the primary foci of any Title IX hearing process. Hearings are generally scheduled for two (2) hours, but can be extended, as needed at the discretion of the Decision-maker, to ensure that both parties are able to present the information relevant to their position. (e.g., complicated fact pattern, numerous witnesses, etc.).

If you have the need to inquire about the questions above, please contact your college’s Title IX Coordinator.