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A message from President Bryce

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A message from President Bryce

By EAC President Mark Bryce

Thatcher, AZ—Eastern Arizona College is now celebrating its 125th year. It is amazing how many individuals and families have been affected by our wonderful College. What really stands out is the host of great people associated with this place of learning, some of whom are famous, while others remain unknown. It is, and always shall be, dedicated individuals who make the difference.

We now have approximately 28,000 members in our Alumni Association. The early Gila Valley pioneers could never have imagined this.

As we find ourselves at this crossroads in history, we should look back to the past with gratitude for those who came before us, who sacrificed so this day could be reality. A small school started and nourished for all the right reasons, has become a mighty force for good on this earth. There is no secular endeavor more important than education. Freedom and education are linked. It is impossible to have a free nation while its citizens languish in ignorance. Dictators like to keep the masses from the truth.

Entrepreneurship is also linked with freedom and education. As of now, some other countries may score higher on standardized tests, but none comes close in creativity and innovation.

We must never forget the synergy created by freedom intelligently exercised, education wisely applied, and entrepreneurship properly implemented. These form the foundation of prosperity.

We have seen significant developments in technology, but we are only on the frontier of the discovery of technologies that shall be the basis of massive changes in education. Many of those in the current educational establishment are not ready for these changes.

Let us dedicate ourselves, as our dear ones before us, to this great cause, the cause of education, that our future may be bright and our posterity bountifully blessed, as we have been.