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EAC’s Fall Sing presents 125 years of sing

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EAC’s Fall Sing presents 125 years of sing

By Jessica Morgenthaler

Thatcher, AZ—In the historical archives of Eastern Arizona College, it is recorded that the Academy Choir sang for the first commencement ceremony of the St. Joseph Stake Academy in 1890. This establishes that a vibrant choral tradition began with the founding of the Academy that continues today, this year's offering, Fall Sing CVXX – 125 Years of Singing, celebrates this significant milestone in history of Eastern Arizona College. Scheduled for October 24–26, at 7:30 p.m., in the Fine Arts Auditorium, this year’s production promises to be special.

“In rehearsal this fall,” says Dr. Bruce W. Bishop, Director of Choral Activities at EAC, “an experiment is happening behind the scenes, which is transforming the quality and excellence of the EAC choirs.” According to Bishop, the A Cappella Choir and Men’s Chorus are participants in this experiment, which is elevating the skill, musicianship, and artistry of the singers to a level on par with any choir in any college or university in America. “On the first day of rehearsal, each student was issued a tuning fork. From these tuning forks, which vibrate at the pitch of ‘A,’ singers have learned skills which enable them to find the key note of any song,” said Bishop. “When the musical elements and pitches are completely accurate, we add the lyrics. It has been a challenging, but rewarding journey. I have never heard this depth of sensitivity and accuracy from EAC singers,” he concluded.

The A Cappella Choir and Men’s Chorus have learned their pieces without using the piano, and will dazzle the audience with their fine-tuned pitch accuracy.

Audiences will delight to Women’s Chorale, directed by Trish Jordahl. The musical theater troupe, EACompany, is doing a revue of Yankee Doodle arranged to represent music styles from many of the years in the history of EAC, and the Fourté and GuyZ groups will hit the stage with Broadway and close harmony tunes.

The entire community is invited to join as EAC celebrates 125 years of tradition and heritage. There will be reserved seating in the front sections, General admission is $5. Tickets can be purchased at the door or by calling EAC’s Ticket Office at (928) 428-8228.