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AZ State Superintendent Of Public Instruction speaks at EAC luncheon

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AZ State Superintendent Of Public Instruction speaks at EAC luncheon

By Lori Dugan

Thatcher, AZ—Every year Eastern Arizona College has the good fortune of receiving advice and direction from almost a dozen different lay advisory committees.

Every other year, the meetings are scheduled to coincide with a luncheon where all of the committees can get together. This year, the luncheon’s keynote speaker was State Superintendent of Public Instruction, John Huppenthal, who spent the morning touring the Thatcher and Discovery Park Campuses.

Huppenthal, a native of the Tucson area, grew up “learning by doing” and says that his feet are, “in multiple camps of education,” and that, “the human brain is meant to learn in 3D.”

Huppenthal spoke about his tour of Discovery Park Campus and the partnerships that are going on with other agencies to provide conservation and education and said, “A lot of things are going on here [at EAC] that we can model around the state.”

“That is exactly the point of our advisory committee meetings,” said Mike Crockett, EAC dean of instruction and coordinator. “It gives us all an opportunity to find out how we are doing, what others are doing, and what we need to be doing for the future. We love showing off our campus to visiting dignitaries because we are so proud of what we are doing here. Eastern is a place like no other.”

EAC’s advisory committees are composed of veterans in the work force who meet annually to share new and ongoing information about the work world that many of EAC’s students will soon enter.

Committee members help update EAC’s instructional staff as to the newest trends and tools of the trade as well as offering advice on what they expect future employees to be able to do when hired in their particular job area. “The advisory groups are a very important part of EAC’s occupational curriculum because the committee members provide vital information about current trends and changes in the various occupational fields. We are very appreciative of the time and information these dedicated people provide us,” said Crockett.

Eastern’s occupational lay advisory committees are made up of representatives from business and industry, and selected for their standing in the business community. As experts in their respective fields, EAC advisory committee members join with EAC’s faculty and administration to ensure that the College’s course and program competencies and technologies meet the needs of employers. Such assistance provides an important link in the students’ school-to-work transition.