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EAC now offering more convenient ways to pay

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EAC now offering more convenient ways to pay

By Lori Dugan

Thatcher, AZ—After many years, the time is finally right and EAC has been able to implement the “Pay Now Button” on the Gila Hank student portal. “We see this as a monumental step forward for customer service,” says Darwin Weech, EAC controller and director of Fiscal Control. “This means that students can now see online, in real-time, what they owe (tuition, fees, dorm, meal ticket, etc.) and can choose which items they will pay and can choose how they will pay.”

Partial payments are accepted. Also, students now have the option to pay by electronic check (ACH, automated clearinghouse). If students choose to pay by credit or debit card, they will be charged a “convenience fee” which goes directly to the credit card company. In the past, the credit card fees were absorbed by the College. Students can avoid any transaction fees by using the electronic check option.

“Many thanks go to Trae Morris who has managed the details of this transition, and to EAC’ Computer Services Department for the many hours spent programming this new module,” said Weech.

For more information about the new payment options at EAC, contact the Fiscal Control Office at (928) 428-8221.