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EAC hosts EASI Science Camp at Discovery Park Campus

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EAC hosts EASI Science Camp at Discovery Park Campus

By Jessica Morgenthaler

Thatcher, AZ—EAC’s Discovery Park Campus welcomed more than 35 middle school students from Duncan, Safford, Thatcher, Pima, and Safford Christian School who participated in the Eastern Arizona Science Initiative’s “EASI Middle School- Saturday Science Camp”. The students were divided into two groups and led by Safford Middle School teachers Jennifer McDougal and Debbie Pearson.

The focus of the camp was on aeronautics and rocketry design where students competed in the design, creation, and launch of their own paper rockets. The students created a variety of wing and nose cone designs and tested them on their rockets to see which would offer the best in aerodynamics and strength. When the design tests were finished and the rockets were complete each student had an opportunity to launch their rocket from an air launcher, set up in the Grand Kiva in the Gov Aker Observatory. Several of the rockets, which were made from rolled copy paper and masking tape, flew over 50 yards in distance and height.

“This was a great opportunity for these students to work together, on designing the rockets and ultimately to have fun while launching them to prove their design ideas,” says Paul Anger, EAC Discovery Park Campus director. The objective of Eastern Arizona Science Initiative is to provide quality extracurricular activities in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education to the students of Eastern Arizona.

“Realizing that we are in a rural setting, many if not most of our students do not have the financial ability to pay for travel and entrance to the great science facilities in the metropolitan areas. We therefore decided to bring science education to them, along with a lot of hands-on opportunities and fun,” concludes Anger. Those interested in participating with any of the EASI activities and events can contact Paul Anger, EASI chair, at