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EAC English Department Honors Student Research Writers

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EAC English Department Honors Student Research Writers

By Lori.dugan

Thatcher, AZ—Eastern Arizona College’s English Department held its second annual award ceremony last week for outstanding research papers written in second-semester composition classes.

The event took place in the Activities Center, Gila Galiuro Room. Eleven students received awards for excellence in argumentative writing, including three cash prizes of $100 each. The top three winning entries were Dakota Hunt’s “Native Americans Versus the Media,” Gage Lovern’s “Zoos: Are They Ethically Sound?,” and Shalea Richardson’s “Children from Single-parent Homes.”

Recipients of honorable mention awards for excellence in writing included Emory Montierth, Julia Polakoff, Jessica Maner, Riyadh Rollins, Brianne Murphy, Jessica Arndt, Kendra Rogers, and Abril Montes.

The competition was open to all English 102 students enrolled at the Thatcher campus during the 2013 spring and fall semesters, by nomination from their individual instructors. Entries were then judged by a panel of EAC English instructors, including Laura David, Dr. Meg Simonton, and Dr. Marilyn Wilton. Each panel member scored the entries independently, using a twenty-point rubric that focused on critical thinking and argumentation skills. The panel then met to determine the winners, based on the highest-averaged scores.

A few criteria in the judging process included that the arguments exhibit fine critical reasoning, solid evidence, wide-ranging scope, refuted counter-arguments, a variety of rhetorical appeals, an impartial stance, and a balanced blend of quoted, paraphrased, and summarized materials from credible sources in support of the thesis argument.

“The quality of the submissions this year impressed the judges,” said Dr. Marilyn Wilton. “EAC English Department members created this contest to provide our students with an extra vote of confidence in their writing ability and to reward those who excel in this challenging academic assignment.”

For more information about English Composition classes at EAC, call Wilton at (928)-428-8484.