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Students invited to attend EAC/ASU nursing informational meeting

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Students invited to attend EAC/ASU nursing informational meeting

By Jessica Morgenthaler

Thatcher, AZ—Students considering a career in nursing are invited to attend an important informational meeting about the EAC/ASU Nursing Program on Saturday, May 10, 2014, at noon, in the College’s Nursing Education Center. Anyone interested in applying for the EAC nursing program should attend this meeting as well.

Students completing their nursing degree through EAC will now be able to take advantage of a new program through Arizona State University to complete an associate and bachelor’s degrees in nursing concurrently on EAC’s campus in Thatcher.

“ASU’s program is a cost effective and efficient way to complete a bachelor’s degree in nursing,” said Carolyn McCormies, EAC’s director of nursing. “The information provided at this meeting may change the way nursing students complete their degrees, and will open up new opportunities for them. If you are even considering a degree in nursing, you should attend this meeting and parents are invited as well.

“The Institute of Medicine has a goal that 80% of the nurses in Arizona will have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in nursing by 2020,” continued McCormies. “Currently only 20% of Arizona’s nurses have this degree. This is why students interested in nursing should come to find out how this program will benefit them for their future.”

Representatives from ASU and EAC will be available to answer questions about this new opportunity. For more information, contact McCormies at (928) 428-8324, or be at the meeting on May 10, at Noon, in the EAC Nursing Education Center.