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Constitution Day celebration a success

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Constitution Day celebration a success

By Lori Dugan

Thatcher, AZ—Current local and statewide elected officials and candidates for office were on hand last week to hear remarks from Eastern Arizona College President Mark Bryce as part of the College’s annual Constitution Day celebration.

Others in attendance included a record number of EAC students and several groups of students from Thatcher Schools. The program opened with a welcome by ASEAC President Daniel Gallacher and the “Star Spangled Banner” was played by the EAC Gila Monster Band.

Bryce’s speech opened with the fact that the United States Constitution is the oldest constitution in the world. “And the shortest,” he said.

He shared with the crowd the history of the Constitution and spoke of the greatness of its authors. Of seeing the document and other monuments for himself, in Washington, D.C., he said, “It struck me with great force, that our nation is not great because of the huge majestic monuments, but because of the truths and ideals brought to life and put into action by those great American patriots, who fought and won the American Revolution and founded this great country.”

Bryce’s speech concluded with a reminder that the U.S. Constitution provides that every American is born with certain inalienable rights.

He also talked about the preambles of the Constitution that mention four truths, four pillars that form the foundation upon which the structure of America is built: God, family, country, and freedom.

The program concluded with EAC choral group, GuyZ, performing “Do You Hear the People Sing?”

A full transcript of Bryce’s speech is available here: President's Speech.