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Local artist hangs work in EAC’s Media Center

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Local artist hangs work in EAC’s Media Center

By Lori Dugan

Thatcher, AZ— Eastern Arizona College’s Art Department is hosting an Art Show on the walls of the College’s Media Center. The award winning, airbrush artwork of local artist R.C. Klein will be on display during the Media Center’s normal business hours through the end of the semester. Klein was introduced to professional airbrush tools in 1988 when he was assisting his wife and partner in her pottery business. “Pam painted the fine detail work after I had painted background colors…shades that would fade light to dark,” he said. “Seeing the potential I pursued various artistic techniques.”

Currently, his favorite subjects are galactic imagery and sunsets and sunrises. “I have always been attracted to our heavens, so timeless and infinite. Be they galactic spirals or incredibly powerful nebula, their extraordinary array of color always offer something to move the senses and provoke wonder,” he said.

The Kleins share a common passion for the vast beauty of our natural world expressing it through painting and photography and find Ft. Thomas to be an ideal place to work.

For more information about the exhibit contact EAC art instructor Kenny Rhodes at