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EAC again offers gardening and landscaping this spring

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EAC again offers gardening and landscaping this spring

By Mylee Mayberry

Thatcher, AZ—EAC again offers gardening and landscaping this spring Eastern Arizona College’s Gardening and Landscaping class will be offered once again this spring on Thursday evenings (beginning January 8), from 4-7 p.m. The class will be held at Discovery Park EAC campus at the Ranch.

This class offers hands on gardening and landscaping experience and provides students with basic information on how to be a successful grower/gardener in the Gila Valley. Class instructor, Bill Brandau says, “The Gila Valley is a great place to grow many things from vegetables to ornamentals to crops. This class attempts to instruct students of these issues and successful strategies to growing in the Gila Valley. The goal is to provide students with information that will help them become successful at growing no matter their personal interest.”

To sign up for Gardening and Landscaping, call EAC’s Records and Registration Office at (928) 428-8270 and ask to register for class section #5797.

Students 55 and over receive an in-state tuition waiver, and many students will be able to add this class to their existing class schedule at no extra charge.

For more information about EAC’s Gardening and Landscaping class, contact Bill Brandau, class instructor, at (928) 428-2432 or at