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EAC’s Repertory Acting Company presents Bang, Bang, You’re Dead

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EAC’s Repertory Acting Company presents Bang, Bang, You’re Dead

By Lori Dugan

Thatcher, AZ—Bang, Bang, You’re Dead, written by William Mastrosimone, is a play with one commendable goal at hand: to raise community awareness of school violence and its causes. The story focuses on Josh, a young man who is struggling to come to terms with his plight in life. He has been bullied by others at school, has not been successful in landing a date with the girl he adores, and increasingly wants to take control of his own life. Will a gun in his hand give him the strength he desires? Will violence be the means by which he can silence his bullies? Will the voices in his head and figments of his imagination be able to drive him towards the threshold of remorse for the crimes he ultimately commits? Perhaps only time…and his conscience…will tell.

The playwright, William Mastrosimone, wrote this one-act play in 1999 with the intention that high school and college students would perform it for each other to raise awareness of the roots of school violence, which, as he writes in his notes on the play, are not always easily seen. By sharing this challenging story, it is hoped that people in school communities will be spurred to “see and stop the tragedy before it happens.” By 2002, only three years after its original production, Bang, Bang, You’re Dead had been performed more than 15,000 times worldwide by high school, college, and professional theatre companies. In the 13 years which have followed, its countless productions have affected lives around the world.

This production will be presented by the Repertory Acting Company at Eastern Arizona College, a course designed to give students the opportunity to work within a structure modeled after professional theatre companies run by an ensemble of members. This semester, members of “The Rep” include Kalei Ashlock, Bekah Beals, Sarah DeHaven, Tyler Fox, Rick Hovelsrud, Stuart Kieren, Dylan “Albie” Prentis, Kylie-Jo Soto, and Natalie Williams. Steven Higginbotham, EAC’s Drama Director, said, “I commend the Repertory Acting Company in choosing such a poignant and important theatrical work to stage. This play is an example of how theatre can be a forum for change in our society, helping us to learn and grow as human beings. The members of The Rep have said time and time again in meetings and rehearsals that they hope performing this play will raise awareness about and curb violence in our schools and communities.”

This one-act play will perform on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings from March 4 – 7, 2015. Each performance will begin at 7:30 p.m. and will be held the SC-3 theatre, located on South Campus. Admission to the play is $3/person and tickets are available now at the EAC Ticket Office at (928) 428-8228 and will be available at the door.