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EAC holds 11th annual Engineering Day

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EAC holds 11th annual Engineering Day

By Mylee Mayberry

Thatcher, AZ— Eastern Arizona College’s Engineering Department hosted its 11th annual Engineering Day earlier this month. The event was co-sponsored by Freeport McMoRan, the National Science Foundation, and the EAC Engineering Club and was attended by high school students from all over Arizona.

Freeport donated all of the t-shirts and prizes that were given to the students and thirteen Freeport engineers volunteered their time to help mentor both the high school students and the EAC engineering students.

“The volunteer engineers ran the competitions this year with help from the EAC Engineering Club. It was great to see them take charge and run the event,” said EAC engineering instructor and coordinator of the event, Tom Palmer. “Michael Bryce, our Graham County Engineer, donated his time on his day off to come help, as well as fifteen students from our Engineering Club.”

The Soda Straw Bridge Contest tests students’ ability to work as a team, utilize a limited amount of resources they had to ‘purchase,’ and solve a problem in a limited time frame. Teams build a bridge that will need to support an applied load using only soda straws and straight pins. The first-place winners were Corrie Hawkins, Eric Allred, Robert Tillman, and Sarah Pell from Thatcher High School. The second-place team included Shely Aguallo and Taylor Hollestelle from Morenci High School and Ramon Flores and Cheyenne Oller from Safford High School.

The K’Nex Water Tower Competition involves the construction of a water tower. The goal of this competition was to construct a tower designed to hold a 2-liter water bottle. The tower must be free-standing and hold the required weight for a minimum of one minute without collapsing. The winners of this team exercise were Kyle Clark, Shane Skinner, Gavin Windsor, and Lindsey Griffin from Thatcher High School. The second-place team included Kellsie Stevens, Grayson Bryce, Buddy Chavez, and Jaiden Barney from Thatcher High School.

The Egg Drop Competition involves dropping an egg from a height of 16 feet onto solid concrete. The primary objective is to construct a device that can protect the egg, with the secondary goal of constructing the most cost-effective device. The first-place winners were Keslee Palmer, Zefferino Prina, McKay Palmer, and Kaleb Mattice from Thatcher High School. The second place winners were Hunter Woods, Reol Maza, Dillono Barnes, and Aaron Angle of Thatcher High school.

New to Engineering Day this year was the Trebuchet Competition. A trebuchet is a medieval catapult that uses gravity power to launch a projectile. The teams had to learn to use the trebuchets and calibrate varying amounts of weight to determine launch distance. The first-place winners were Amanda Large from Morenci High School, and Tessa Prall, Nicole Ganilla, and Dechambre Dosela from Ft. Thomas High School. Second-place winners were Hanna Prestridge, Lori Johnson, Bryttani Mooney, and Ashley McLeish from Thatcher High School.

The first-place overall winners were Tommy Taggart, Karina Hernandez, Spencer Sherman, and Zach Spencer from Thatcher High School. The second place winners from Thatcher High School, were Keslee Palmer, Zefferino Prina, McKay Palmer, and Kaleb Mattice. The third place winners were Anthony Gutierrez and Darvis Martindell from Safford High School, and Brandon Steen and Robert William from Morenci High School.

“We had seven high schools attend this year: Thatcher, Safford, Morenci, Duncan, Benson, Fort Thomas, and St. Johns. The St. Johns kids were on a bus at 4 a.m. to make it here in time,” says Palmer. “It was great to see that several students who participated last year came excited and prepared for the competition.”

For information about next year’s EAC Engineering Day, call Palmer at (928) 428-8226.