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EAC Discovery Park Campus Lecture Series continues

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EAC Discovery Park Campus Lecture Series continues

By Lexi Lutz

Thatcher, AZ— Eastern Arizona College’s Discovery Park Campus Lecture Series welcomes the return of local author and researcher, Don Lancaster, with an exciting presentation on the latest discoveries involving a spectacular series of previously unknown world-class hanging canals.

The lecture, Hanging Canals of the Safford Basin, will be presented free of charge Saturday, October 3, 2015, starting at 6 p.m. at Discovery Park Campus’ Jupiter Room.

“Lancaster has spent a remarkable amount of time in the field exploring, measuring, and photographing these unique landforms in our own Gila Valley,” says Paul Anger, EAC’s Discovery Park Campus Director. “The lecture will include a detailed PowerPoint presentation of many hanging canals, landforms, and other fascinating sights.”

Lancaster says, “This seminar literally explores every drop of northeastern Mount Graham stream water in the 1250 to 1450 time frame.”

Researchers are always welcome to join Lancaster in further expeditions of the area; on-site tours of many of the remarkable landforms can also be arranged. He assures, “The only skills needed as a researcher are an enthusiasm for hiking, a genuine avocational interest in prehistory, and knowing how to use a camera and a GPS receiver.”

All are invited to enjoy this presentation on the history of the area and while there, visitors are invited to tour the Graham County Historical Society’s display of historic artifacts, the “History of Astronomy” gallery, and take a ride on the “Polaris” shuttle simulator for a tour of the solar system. Guests can finish off the evening by observing the night sky objects through the 20-inch Tinsley Telescope in the Gov Aker Observatory, all free of charge and just minutes away from home. For more information about this free seminar or EAC’s Discovery Park Campus, contact Anger at (928) 428-6260.