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Three generations represented in EAC’s ITE Division Grandma, daughter, and grandson on track to graduate

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Three generations represented in EAC’s ITE Division Grandma, daughter, and grandson on track to graduate

By Lori Dugan

Thatcher, AZ— In its more than 125-year history, Eastern Arizona College has been a shared experience for a number of families; many current students are attending as fifth and sixth generation Gila Monsters. Currently in our Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) Program, there is a special story unfolding with three generations attending at the same time.

Lynnita Moreno, her daughter Summer Sturdevant, and her grandson, Leighlend Sturdevant are simultaneously enrolled in, and seeking degrees from, EAC’s E&I Program. Lynnita says she was inspired by a former boss to enroll and hopes to work with him again after completing her degree.

“EAC has made me aware of how much more math I should have taken in high school and that I should have had higher expectations for myself back then,” she says.

“My experience at EAC has been great! The instructors are willing to work with me as far as my work and my kids; they have been very understanding.”

Moreno enjoys being in Chuck Smith’s classes, which include Electricity and Electronics, Electrical Systems, AC Electrical Systems, Conduits and Raceways, Electronic Components, Substation Maintenance, and Motors and Motor Controls. “Chuck simplifies things for me and provokes thought in the class,” she said.

Moreno encourages everyone to take full advantage of the programs at EAC. She says, “It is never too late to learn or change your career path.” Moreno’s daughter, Summer Sturdevant, has also gone back to school and is enrolled in EAC’s E&I and Emergency Medical Technology (EMT) Programs.

She, too, was inspired by her supervisor at a former job to enroll in the E&I program and is keeping her options open for what she wants to do after completing her degree.

“I very much enjoy EAC. It is a small campus that provides a university-level education,” she said. “I met the dean over the EMT Program only once—before classes had even started—yet whenever she sees me, she stops and asks about my classes and shows genuine interest and concern. I have gone to large universities and having this type of personal attention makes all the difference between a good college and a truly exceptional one (like EAC),” she continued.

Sturdevant says her instructor makes class material easy to learn, “Chuck makes a very complicated subject simple. He is always willing to stay after class and make time to help and answer the same question over and over until it finally makes sense.”

Summer’s son, Leighlend Sturdevant, enrolled in EAC’s E & I Program after graduating early from high school. Once he graduates from EAC he plans to work for a few months and then join the military.

“EAC has changed my attitude from a high schooler’s to that of an adult, or closer to an adult,” he laughed. “I enjoy EAC’s program, especially the people and the teachers.”

It’s never too late to start a new tradition for your family at Eastern Arizona College. EAC offers the lowest tuition in the state to full-time students and Arizona residents age 55 and over always attend for free.

Registration for Spring 2016 classes is going on now and the full list of classes is available online at Schedule .

For more information or to register for classes, contact the Records and Registration Office at (928) 428-8270.