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EAC reorganizes academic team

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EAC reorganizes academic team

By Todd Haynie

THATCHER, AZ—Eastern Arizona College President Mark Bryce recently announced a reorganization of the College’s academic leadership.

Jeanne Bryce was appointed as the College’s new provost, replacing Dr. Ron Keith as the vice president of student and academic affairs. Keith recently retired from the College after 37 years of service. Jeanne Bryce has served the College since 1991 as an instructor, division chair, and most recently as dean of instruction.

“This is a change of historical significance and honor,” said President Bryce. “Provost is the highest academic leadership position at a college.” Provost Bryce will have primary stewardship regarding the faculty, but her varied responsibilities will also include authority over student life matters.

President Bryce also announced the appointment of Dr. Phil McBride as a dean of instruction to work with current Deans Dr. Hal Weaver and Mike Crockett. McBride has been a chemistry faculty member since 1991 and chair of the science division since 2004.

Finally, Randall Skinner was appointed to the position of associate dean to work directly with Provost Bryce. Prior to this appointment, Skinner worked with the academic deans as coordinator of special projects.