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EAC Fine Arts Division presents an improvisation showcase entitled, [insert title here]

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EAC Fine Arts Division presents an improvisation showcase entitled, [insert title here]

By Natalie Williams

Thatcher, AZ—Eastern Arizona College’s Repertory Acting Company invites you to join them March 2 and 3, at 4:30 p.m., and March 4 and 5, at 7:30 p.m., in EAC’s South Campus theater Room #3 for [insert title here], an improvisation showcase. Actors will create scenes around ideas and suggestions from the audience, guaranteeing that each performance is different. Anything can happen…especially in this fun format!

Improvisational theatre is an art form which can be traced as far back as ancient Rome. Since then, countless audiences have been riveted by the wonder of a show which is created before their very eyes.

Eastern Arizona College's Repertory Acting Company is designed to allow actors to work collaboratively in a group structure. Not only do actors perform, but they also design lighting, set, publicity, and much more in contribution to their shows. Steven Higginbotham, EAC’s drama director, serves as a facilitator, guide, and instructor. This semester’s cast includes Myreli Alvarado, Kalei Ashlock, Mason Bennett, Kobie Bigelow, Elizabeth Dannenbrink, Sarah DeHaven, Delaney Ewing, Daken Hawkins, Rick Hovelsrud, Kiana Matthews, Brian Moore, Ian Mortensen, Brayana Rivera, Dillin Smith, Talia Thurber, and Natalie Williams.

This semester, the members of the group have been focused on learning the structures of improvisation. One actor noted that, “Every day in rehearsal we get to have fun. We play lots of games like ‘third time’s the charm’ and ‘human scenery,’ and we don’t even realize that they are preparing us to act in the moment. It’s been amazing to watch every company member grow so much more competent and confident in the art of improv. We’ve had to learn to just trust each other and work with whatever we’re given. We really can’t wait to share the magic of [insert title here] with our audience!”

General admission is $3, and full-time EAC students will be admitted free with a valid EAC ID. Tickets can be purchased in advance by calling EAC’s Ticket Office at (928) 428-8228, or outside of the theater before the show.