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Auditions being held at EAC for My Fair Lady

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Auditions being held at EAC for My Fair Lady

By Lori Dugan

THATCHER, AZ—Eastern Arizona College will be holding auditions for My Fair Lady, a musical which will be presented by EAC’s drama and music theatre departments later this spring.

Auditions for My Fair Lady will be held January 29-31, 2007 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. in EAC’s Fine Arts Auditorium.

In the musical, Henry Higgins a professor of phonetics, boasts to a friend, Colonel Pickering, that he can train any woman to speak so properly that he could pass her off as a duchess, even Eliza Doolittle, a poor girl with a decidedly Cockney accent, whom he has just encountered selling flowers on the street.

Overhearing this, Eliza finds her way to the professor’s house and offers to pay for speech lessons so that she can get a job in a flower shop. Pickering is intrigued by Higgins’s boast and wagers that he cannot make good on his claim; Higgins takes on the challenge and begins an intensive make-over program for Eliza’s speech, manners, and dress.

Eliza goes through many forms of speech therapy, such as speaking with marbles in her mouth, but makes little progress. For her first public tryout, Higgins takes her to Ascot Racecourse, where she makes a good impression with her polite manners but shocks everyone by her vulgar Cockney attitudes and slang.

“Persons who wish to audition for singing or dancing parts will need to bring a prepared song. An accompanist will be on hand at the auditions,” said Musical Theatre Director Trish Jordahl, who encourages all interested actors, actresses, and dancers to come and audition. The director will be looking to fill non-singing parts as well so anyone who is interested should plan to attend.

“This will be a fun show and a great experience for anyone interested in being on stage,” said Jordahl.

For more information about the auditions, call Jordahl at EAC at 428-8467.