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EAC holds 3rd annual Engineering Day

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EAC holds 3rd annual Engineering Day

By Lori Dugan

THATCHER, AZ—Eastern Arizona College and Phelps Dodge hosted the 3rd annual Engineering Day last week which was attended by 51 students from five area high schools including Duncan, Morenci, Safford, Pima, and Thatcher.

“The event was very competitive!” said EAC Engineering Instructor, Dr. Jack Bailey. “Numerous contributions from Phelps Dodge and strong participation from several high schools were crucial in being able to present students with this opportunity to enjoy math, the sciences, and engineering.” The popular Poor Man’s Surveyor competition uses the length of the students’ own stride to determine the area of a piece of land. The first place finisher in the Poor Man’s Surveyor contest was David Weech of Pima High School, who won an MP3 player.

The Egg Drop is a team competition where each team encloses an egg in an egg-protection device and drops it from an 18-foot height. Students produce the devices with officially available materials. The first-place team was Cassy Brooks, Parker Beus, Tyler Packer, and Taylor Thygerson, of Pima High School. Second-place honors went to Jarom Burell, Justin Griffin, and Dallin Bryce of Thatcher High School.

The Spagetti Beam competition is a team-based competition during which each team produces the longest achievable cantilever beam that extends as far as possible from their table without touching the ground (floor). The first-place winners in this event were Cassy Brooks, Parker Beus, Tyler Packer, and Taylor Thygerson, of Pima High School. Second-place went to Jaymond Bodine, Fredrick Decker, Josh Rapier, and Trevin Jones of Duncan High School.

The West Point Bridge contest involves the contestants being given predefined span length, materials, and costs and are then asked to design a stable full truss bridge at a minimum cost. Joshua Plyler from Morenci High School, came in first-place and walked away with a new Palm-Pilot.

The first and second individual overall winners were Taylor Thygerson of Pima High School in first-place (he took second-place last year), and Trevin Jones of Duncan High School took second. Both won new Palm-Pilots. The third-place overall winner was Catalina Astengo of Morenci High School, who won an MP3 player. All prizes for the day’s contests were contributed by the event’s co-sponsor, Phelps Dodge.

“The individuals I would have to name as important contributors to the success of this event is far too long to list,” said Bailey. “But I must tell you that without the commitment of Phelps Dodge; EAC staff, faculty, and students; and the faculty and students from these five high schools, this huge event could not have taken place. To all of them I offer a sincere thank-you.”

For information about next year’s EAC/Phelps Dodge Engineering Day, call EAC’s Engineering Department at 428-8226.