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The fifth annual Best Cotton Pickin’ Race a success

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The fifth annual Best Cotton Pickin’ Race a success

By Lori Dugan

THATCHER, AZ—The fifth annual Best Cotton Pickin’ Race, organized by the Cotton Club, was run on May 5 by a record shattering number of runners. More than 70 people showed up to run the race—more than double the number from last year.

Participants ran a 5K course that began at Glenn Meadows Park in Safford.

The winners in each division were:

Youth to 15-year old, male: Tommy Schnell with Ethan Bryce finishing a close second.

Youth to 15-year old, female: Jerrica Hatch

16 to 39-year old, male: Nathan Wengert

16 to 39-year old, female: Melinda Nelson

40 and over, male: Tom Schnell

40 and over, female: Clara Ochoa

Winners received an EAC booster seat and a pass to EAC’s Wellness Center, a gift certificate from Runner’s World, and the return of their entry fee. All participants received a Cotton Pickin’ Race t-shirt and goody bag.

The event was conceptualized and initiated five years ago, with a sister race in the fall, named the Freedom Run (which is generally run on the Saturday closest to September 11), as a service to the community with strong support from many local organizations. Without such support, these events wouldn’t be possible.

“I want to say a quick thank-you to my crew for coming out, setting up, and tearing down,” said Kate McCluskey, coordinator of the event. “And to Bashas and Safeway for providing the snacks and water, Rick Schneider at the Courier for all the publicity, and J.T. Cotter for throwing in the support of the SAVE Organization.”

The next event will be the second annual Freedom Run on September 8, 2007 on a course beginning at Eastern Arizona College in Thatcher.