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EAC Foundation receives $1 million donation

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EAC Foundation receives $1 million donation

By Todd Haynie

THATCHER, AZ—The Eastern Arizona College Foundation is the recipient of the single largest donation in the College’s 118-year history, a $1 million donation from developer Eloy Cota.

The main objective of this transaction is to provide much needed housing to College students.

This unprecedented gift will be “a great boost to the Foundation’s ability to fulfill its mission to provide scholarship assistance to our students and help the College provide excellent opportunities for higher education,” said David Udall, executive director of the EAC Foundation and Alumni Association.

Eloy Cota, of Casa Grande, is the owner of E & C Homes and Cota Stucco & Drywall. He is also a successful developer currently busy with three ¬subdivisions in the Gila Valley and a recently completed apartment complex on the corner of Reay Lane and Highway 70 in Thatcher. He also has housing subdivisions in Eloy, Casa Grande, and Coolidge.

In August, Cota will begin developing land west of the College’s South Campus with plans to build apartments and town homes to assist the College in meeting current and future student housing demands.

“I’m happy to give to the College, knowing it will be used for a good cause,” said Cota.

“We’re pleased that Mr. Cota is willing to share so generously to bless the lives of students in our area,” said Udall. “It is wonderful when businesses and individuals give back to the community in this way. This investment will provide great benefits to the College and its students for many years to come.”

The gift was made in a small ceremony at EAC’s Ruby I. Stinson Alumni Center on July 31.