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Portrait of a Hunchback to be performed

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Portrait of a Hunchback to be performed

Eastern Arizona College's Fine Arts Division is preparing its performance of Portrait of a Hunchback. Portrait of a Hunchback, is scheduled to take the stage from Oct 12-14 at 7:30 p.m. and also Oct 15 at 2 p.m. in the Fine Arts Auditorium. Tickets are $4 per person and can be obtained at EAC’s Ticket Office, 428-8228, or at the door the evening of the play. The director recommends that audience members be 13 years of age or older.

The magnificent cathedral of Notre Dame towers above 15th century Paris and the sound of the bells is the very soul of the city. Quasimodo, the bell-ringer, is a mysterious and misshapen outcast who has been secluded there since infancy by his repressive guardian, Judge Claude Frollo. He yearns to be out among the people in the square below but Frollo has forbidden him from ever leaving his tower. On the day of the big pageant, the “Feast of Fools,” Quasi finds the courage to join the celebration below where he meets the beautiful Gypsy dancer Esmeralda and Phoebus, Frollo's heroic new Captain of the Guard. Phoebus falls in love with Esmeralda and is torn between conscience and duty when he is ordered to hunt her down as a fugitive. Esmeralda's defiance enrages Frollo and he intensifies his efforts to bring her under his control. Meanwhile, Quasi has experienced compassion for the first time in his life and is willing to sacrifice his own safety to save Esmeralda from Frollo's vengeful wrath.

Come to EAC and see the drama unfold, but with a twist: Portrait of a Hunchbacktold in modern times:

Chicago – 1930 – Al Capone’s Speak Easy, the Bronze Pelican, towers above Chicago in 1930 and the sound of the Jazz Band is the soul of the city. Quasi, a drummer for the Bronze Pelican is a mysterious and misshapen outcast who has been raised by Frollo, a man frustrated by greed and passion. Quasi yearns to be accepted by his peers and finds the opportunity on the day of the big club party where he is chosen the “Prince of Fools.” He meets and falls in love with Esmeralda who in turn falls in love with Sunny, a corrupt FBI investigator. Sunny is also engaged to Samantha, a pretty dancer, which thickens the plot even more.

Al Capone, a major mob boss in the 30s, leads his cronies in a drug deal. They allow Sunny to pick up the goods but he is shot by Frollo who wants the money and girl for himself. The story hastens to an end with everyone searching for the all-important money.

The plot hurries to an ending that will both surprise and shock. Through the annals of time the power of love has transcended all obstacles, including death.

To obtain tickets for Portrait of a Hunchback, call or visit EAC’s Ticket Office in the Gherald L. Hoopes Jr. Activities Center, 428-8228.