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EAC Education Department holds annual “Tea”

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EAC Education Department holds annual “Tea”

By Lori Dugan

THATCHER, AZ—Guests, students, and faculty of Eastern Arizona College’s education department celebrated their professional career path at the “Holiday Tea” held last week in the Gherald L. Hoopes Jr. Activities Center. This year’s featured speaker was Dr. Kathleen Ann Woods, Principal of the St. Odelia Catholic Elementary School in Tucson.

Woods spoke about the need for more teachers to take the place of those teachers who are retiring and encouraged the students to hang in there. “Sometimes you wonder if you will EVER be a certified teacher,” she said. “Just hang in there. You will. And when you do, you will be a member of one of the most admired groups of professionals in the world.”

Woods also told the story of a former elementary school student who sent her an invitation to his college graduation in which he wrote, “I would never have made it this far without you.”

Teachers Mike Culver of Mt. Graham High School, Tiffany Taylor of Dorothy Stinson School, and Jamie Stone from Thatcher Elementary School were also recognized for their support of the EAC education department’s teacher observation requirement. “We are so grateful to these teachers who, despite their busy schedules, allow our students into their classrooms for observations,” said EAC elementary education instructor JoAnne Ellsworth. “Without their help, our students would have difficulty meeting the requirements of the elementary education curriculum.”

Other guests at the event included Graham County School Superintendent Donna McGaughey and Tim Mills of the University of Phoenix continuing education program.

The “Holiday Tea” is an annual event sponsored by the education department of the University of Phoenix–Tucson Campus to recognize those students who are currently enrolled in EAC’s education program and local teachers who provide excellent role models for student observations.

Anyone thinking about a career in education is encouraged to call JoAnne Ellsworth, EAC’s education department chair, at 428-8312.