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EAC theatre student heading to London for study abroad program

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EAC theatre student heading to London for study abroad program

By Todd Haynie

THATCHER, AZ—Jackie Borboa always knew she wanted to get an education. Attending Eastern’s theater program after her 2006 graduation from Buena High School in Sierra Vista, Borboa looked forward to the experiences she would have. Now the 20-year old theatre and dance student is preparing for an even bigger experience—she has just been accepted into the International Education Studies theater program in London. The program is in partnership with the University of London and is a year-long, 15-credit-hour program that begins in September 2008.

The program will take her into the heart of London, home to England’s National Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe, and the renowned West End Theater district, where she will study theatre at one of the University of London’s campuses, gain internship experience, and participate in creative workshops in theater performance.

The exclusive program required a lengthy application process, letters of recommendation, transcripts, good grades, and videotapes of her dancing and acting for a potential scholarship.

One of her recommendations came from Rachel Jacob, an Australian-born adjunct dance instructor at EAC. From the time Borboa first began her educational career at Eastern, Jacob has become somewhat of her mentor. She first met Jacob during rehearsals for the College’s production of Grease. Jacob was choreographing the dance numbers.

Dance wasn’t necessarily a strong point for Borboa at that time, but she knew what she needed to do to make it stronger. She began to take as many dance classes as she could, in addition to the regular theatre curricula. “She was there hours before rehearsal and hours after,” said Jacob. “She’s a kid that does not stop so she can be the best she can. If anyone deserves this opportunity, she does.”

In the two years she’s been at Eastern, Borboa has “done it all” as far as the theatre program is concerned. She’s been involved with at least 24 stage productions on the EAC stage both in front of an audience and behind the scenes.

In addition to her performance talent, she is also a make-up designer and scenic artist. She is currently the make-up designer for the College’s production of Fiddler on the Roof.

She will graduate from Eastern this May with an associate of arts degree in Theatre and Cinematic Arts and will spend the summer preparing to make the journey to London. Though a bit apprehensive at the prospect of traveling to Europe alone, she is excited about the opportunity.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance,” said Borboa. “I get to find a new side of myself without any boundaries or anyone telling me what to do or what I’m supposed to be.”

Her goal is to become a professional actress. She is well-grounded, however, and understands that her education is a priority. “School is really important to me,” she says. “I’ve always done my best to get good grades. If I don’t make it big, then I would love to teach!”

She plans on finishing her bachelor’s degree in theatre, possibly at one of the institutions that make up the University of London, if she likes it there. Then she will continue to pursue her dream of acting, either on stage or on the screen, or both.