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EAC’s 16th Annual Chemistry Adventure brings chemistry to life for area high school students

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EAC’s 16th Annual Chemistry Adventure brings chemistry to life for area high school students

By Todd Haynie

THATCHER, AZ—Eastern Arizona College’s Chemistry Department, consisting of Joel Shelton, Dr. Michael Neary, and Dr. Phil McBride, hosted the 16th Annual Chemistry Adventure on March 25, 2008. Approximately 50 high school students, making up 13 teams from Duncan, Morenci, Safford, Thatcher, and Willcox, participated in this day-long event. McBride formally welcomed the participants and their teachers and the coordinator of the EAC Admissions Office, Erik Lehman, presented the students with the academic and extracurricular possibilities available at the College.

The students began the competition with a laboratory experiment to synthesize alum and determine a percent yield. Teams were graded on technique, calculations, safety, and accuracy.

The event continued with a team competition where students solved chemistry-related problems such as preparing a copper (II) sulfate solution and determining its concentration, analyzing chemical reactions, getting a boiled egg into a bottle, determining the density of a soap solution, exploring nitrogen dioxide as a pollutant, and making “slime.” The third event involved teams answering questions on a variety of chemistry concepts.

While results were being tabulated, students from EAC’s organic chemistry class dazzled the participants with an array of colorful, loud, bright, and exciting chemical exhibitions.

Awards were presented at the conclusion of the chemistry demonstration to the top four teams:

1st place:

“Morenci Red” from Morenci High School

Skyler Vise

Catalina Astengo

Angela Clark

Chelsea Clark

2nd place:

“Thatcher DGK All Day” from Thatcher High School

Dallin Christensen

Garrett Jensen

Kayley Wright

3rd Place:

“Willcox Holy MOLees” from Willcox High School

Andrew Wolf

Reba Klump

Alanna Riggs

Mayra Guzman

4rd Place:

“Safford Bulldogs” from Safford High School

Boris Calienes

Mandy Mazanek

Josylyn Russell

Christie Sabin